Friday, May 30, 2008

To meme or not to meme?

My meme.

I have so many in mind to post, however, I can't seem to pick the best one to do at this time. I can't crank up my brain to do some work, and meme is right here, and a good filler. This one was a tag from Nona.

Here goes:
Memoirs of my 4th year of high school. How much I remember and how much of it I regret.

The section I am in.
There were only 2 classes in my 4th year of high school: the morning class and the evening class. The lower years have more sections. Since I am not a morning person, I took the evening class. Another reason for it is that maybe I could find a part time job during the day, like some of my classmates.

My seatmates.
I was seated in the front row, on the left side facing the board. On my left was cousin Jess, and on my right was Claudia.

My English teacher.

Her name was Miss Pagulayan. Years later on I heard she became a principal of the school.

My first class.
English...I think.

Friends in the lower years.
Yes. Some of them were good friends.

My class schedule.
It was a regular class with not too many extra curricular activities.

My enemies.
None what so ever.

My favorite teacher.
My English teacher, Miss Pagulayan.

Sports I played.
None in school. I played badminton at home; basketball in my back yard; and swam in my backyard.

Was I a party animal?
We would usually have a party in our backyard. When it would be somewhere else, I would go, with my parents' consent; and my cousin Jess was usually my partner/escort.

I was well known in school.
Since it was a small school, it was easy to be well known. I was one of the officers of the student council and did classroom to classroom campaigning; a muse of something on a float; a muse of another thing on a float; and I'm so amused on a float.

Skip classes.
Not in my senior year.

Suspended or expelled?

Can sing the Alma Mater song.
I don't think we ever had one.

My favorite subject.

Went to dance parties.

Where I would go most often for school breaks.
In the campus, or me and my friends would walk to the public market, where some stalls were still open at night, and buy snacks.

On the last day of school.
I hanged out with my classmates and we talked about where we were heading; what school we were going to; what courses we were going to take. We never seemed to realize that after we graduate we would hardly see each other anymore. After graduation the reality set in. We went to different schools, and once in a while we would run into each other.

My best friend in my sophomore year passed away right after graduation. She lived some 4 miles away from my home. Her mother knowing that I was her best friend, let me know of her passing away. During the vigil I was always introduced as her best friend, although, we had not been hanging out with each other when I transferred to evening classes. Jasmin was her name, she was in the morning class. She would wait for me, when I would go to school in the morning for my library work. She was a nice, pretty young girl.

None at all.

Okay, it's done. I am not going to tag anybody. Any one who would like to do this is free to do so.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Walk this way...

...and come visit him.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Visit His Holiness.

Take any mode of transportation, get there any way you can. Walk to the door and knock gently. Enter (click here) walk softly and say hello to His Holiness, The Dalai Lama.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

...And there's more!

About a week ago a couple of pigeons were making trips to and from atop the brick column of the pergola, a few feet away from the basket. They were building a nest. A few days later, while watering my plants I found one of them sitting on the nest already. There is a drawback though about the place. It is easily accessible to predators. There is a grape trunk winding its way along the column to the top of the pergola. The nest is in danger of lurking cats, lizards, rats and other rodents. There is no way we can protect the nest.

Click photo to enlarge.

Three days after I found the nest, I went back to check on's no longer there. The place was clean, no trace of the nest at all. I looked down and there it is the remains of the nest, right down below, strewn on top of my plant.

Oh, sad, so sad. A predator got to it before the eggs were hatched. The attacker must be that big cat with bushy gray unkempt fur, walking nonchalantly in my backyard. Why that f&%c$#i&n%g? I am so mad at these cats who stroll in my backyard like it's their own. I should get a big dog to chase them out of my property.

I only hope that the birds find a good safe place for their next nest.

On the other side of the pergola, there is good news.

The eggs in the basket have hatched!

The chicks are tucked under the mom or dad.

What I have observed with this kind of birds is that the couple share the responsibilities. They build the nest together; they take turn brooding; and perhaps feeding the hatchlings. I have seen one of them fly in, and takes its turn; and the other one takes off.

To this day, mom or dad is still brooding the chicks.

There is a lot of activity going on in the backyard, if I look close enough. Aside from the pigeons that have been nesting in my pergola, other birds have turned to shrubs or trees.

I have noticed recently that a small bird keeps flying in and out of this juniper shrub. I thought I would satisfy my curiosity by looking in the thick foliage.

And, voila, this is what I found...a small nest with some eggs. To me they look like quail eggs.

I'll keep an eye on it, and shoo away creatures on the hunt for food.