Friday, February 24, 2006

Not Taking Shape.

I've started painting a still life (orchids) for a friend about 3 weeks ago. She asked me to do one for her in yellow. It's half-way done. I only did a little bit of it last week--one day of last week, and I've not touched my brush since. I don't seems I'm not going anywhere with it. There is something amiss with my composition.

My friend sent me a link to the web site of Esteban Sabar Gallery. And, wow, the paintings on the site are truly amazing. These are works of painters whose life is art. For me painting is a hobby. It's only for my own pleasure and use. Although, there was a couple of paintings I sold to someone. The buyer was a technician who came to my house to work on our internet connection (dsl) He saw these two small ones and asked if he can buy them, and I was willing to part with them. I guess, I was glad someone liked my painting.