Saturday, November 24, 2007

We Gobbled The Turkey...and more.

My Thanksgiving Day little party went well, everyone came, except the one who was invited first. It was that invitation to her that made me thought of doing the party. She accepted the invitation right there and then; however, when I confirmed with her, she was not so sure she could make it. It will depend on her transportation, she said. I asked her to call me back whether she could make it or not. She never called. My husband was not happy. He said he would not ask her anymore to come to any of our gatherings.

Some of my guests came a little bit late. It was alright, we had a fun time. The food was okay. I'm not sure if they liked it, I didn't see them throw up; I didn't see them writhe in pain for ingesting my food. My older cousin brought "turon" which the Anglos loved; another guy brought bread with spinach dip inside its cavity. It was good, but I can't eat a lot of it as the sour cream in it upsets my stomach. Another guy brought pumpkin pie.

My turkey turned out good, it was moist. We almost devoured the whole thing. I gave some to my guests to take home, so I won't be left with so much turkey I would have to have it morning, noon and night. I made turkey soup for dinner last night; this morning I stir fried some then poured a little bit of gravy over it, fried a couple of eggs then toasted some bread and we had it for breakfast. No turkey for lunch. Tonight, however, I made turkey soup again...this will be the last of the turkey dinner. The leftover has to be consumed within 2 or 3 days, otherwise I'm going to freeze it.


The mad dash for Black Friday had come and gone. I find no reason to wake up so early and line up at a store to get bargains they have advertised. They opened as early as 5 AM, and I heard some have started opening at 4 AM. I once did go to Wal-Mart's 6 AM sale, and, my husband and I got there 15 minutes after it opened and parking was already full. The buying frenzy was already in full swing. Most of the discounted items were all sold out when we got in. We got a sewing machine for half the regular price, but that's about it. That was about 4 years ago. I've not gone to another one of these after holiday sale since.

During these holiday sales people just dash through the door as soon as it is opened and some, I heard, have been crushed to death. Yesterday I watched on TV as this was going on and someone was almost pinned on the ground. Lucky for that person a guy pulled her up to safety. I wonder why they have to rush in when they are already at the door. Why lose an arm and a leg or even life for saving a couple of hundred dollars?

I slept through Black Friday.


Monday, November 19, 2007


I have been a slacker lately. I have made drafts to post, but somehow I have decided not to publish it. I lost the interest to do so, and now it's there lying untouched, unedited and incomplete. I was mostly bloghopping...reading and commenting. So many things on my mind it had overwhelmed me and I can't seem to focus on any of them.

It's now just a few days till Thanksgiving. I have thought of making a menu for my little get together with my, and my husband's, kin that I have lost touch with for quite sometime now. Were it not the invitation extended by my husband to his cousin, which we run into last month, I wouldn't have thought of doing this...the get together. Oh well, I guess, it's about time I dust my house - have a somewhat thorough cleaning; take my glasses from the cupboard; the dishes and linens which sat there unused for a while now.

Having a party takes a lot of effort...for me, that is. I have to do most everything - shopping, cooking, cleaning, setting the table and all that. Cooking is something I'm not fond of doing.'s not my cup of tea. Neither is cleaning. (Tamad talaga.) I, however, have to invite some people to have a little party, otherwise, I won't be asked to their own gathering. Hi hi hi.

I bought my turkey last Friday. I have to do it way early so I'd get the size I wanted. Last time I had turkey I waited till it was close to the day, and the small ones were all taken. I was forced to get a big bird, else I'd settle for ham. Thanksgiving doesn't seem to be Thanksgiving unless turkey is served.

I'm thawing it now in the refrigerator. It will take roughly 3 to 4 days to thaw. If it's not thawed by Wednesday night, I'd have to do it in cold water.

I hope it turns out good. If it burns, sorry, I'm not a good cook.

Thanksgiving is what is defined clearly by the word itself. There is no point in pulling the dictionary and defining it the way Mr. Webster did.

I am thankful for the good graces that me and my family have; for our good health; for being safe from harm (the recent wildfire); for having good neighbors, good friends and most of all good blogger friends, of course.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Real McCoy

The classic movie buff was a test and here's the real deal...the result of the test, and this one is final.

Tagged by Ev to do the Classic Movie Personality Test and here is my result.

Har har har...I am an Easy Rider? Alright, I take it the way it is.

Who to tag? Anybody who stumbles on this and wants to do it.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Classic movie buff

I was tagged by Ev back in Oct. 17, and finally, I found the time to do it. So here goes the whatchamacallit.

What classic movie am I into?

I wouldn't consider this a classic movie as it was released to the public in 1996 and that would make it fairly new. I would consider classic as an old one of 50 years or more. I wouldn't want to go back that far. I like a movie that is fairly new, althought the English Patient's setting was in the 1940's, it was made 11 years ago.

Poster courtesy of Wikipedia.

This movie was of romance, which is why I like it very much; drama and intrigue. It had won the 1997 American Academy Awards for best picture; best actress in a supporting role; best director and 7 other categories.

Who to tag? Anybody who stumbles on this and wants to do it.

There you go Ev. I am done with my duty.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Day After

Trick or treating is now over. The kids have all gone home after a night of going from house to house, trying to scare the homeowners. Some were kind of scary, some were cute, some were pretty, and they all come in different ages from toddlers to early teens. They started trickling at my door as early as 6:30 PM and came in droves an hour later. By 8:00 PM they trickled down to a few and I finally locked my front door at 8:45 PM and turned off all lights leading to my front door.

I had 5 pounds of assorted candies to give away...

and in the end I had just a few left.

My back up pack of Hershey's chocolate was left unopened, and it's now all mine. Bwahahahaha!

I think, I should visit my dentist for teeth cleaning soon.