Monday, June 14, 2010

I have sinned

Do I feel guilty? NO! Of course not.

Eating something I have not had for quite sometime, and something that would make my diet out of wack was a guilty pleasure. It was not one of those very special kind of food, and in actually, it was but a simple easy to prepare pancake.

What's left of the 2 thick 7-inch dia. pancakes.

My husband and I took an early morning walk last Saturday, and instead of driving back home after, we drove to Denny's Restaurant, a 24-hour eatery, and had breakfast there. I ordered 2 pancakes and coffee. I slathered the butter and poured the syrup over my pancakes and ate it, savoring every morsel. was heavenly. I know that the butter would clog my arteries, and the sugary syrup would feed those little creepy crawly cells inside of me, and attack me later on. But life is getting shorter to not enjoy it.

I will end up in a pine box anyway, but I will have enjoyed life and I'll have a fun ride. WOO HOO!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Been wondering

I found a wallet many years ago. It was on a weekday, when my co-workers and I took a lunch break. We parked on the street, and while I dug for coins in my purse to feed the parking meter, the two went ahead to the restaurant to get a table. As I rushed to join them, I saw the wallet on the sidewalk. I looked around to see if the owner was still around, but there was no one in my immediate surrounding. I went ahead to the restaurant and showed my boss and her associate what I found - an inexpensive blue cloth wallet. She, my boss, opened the wallet and counted the money. There was a total of $27 in one dollar denomination; no ID card. But there was a library card with the owner's name.

"A young girl owns this," she said. That's obvious since it didn't have a driver's license, no credit cards, receipts or other stuff that clutter older people's wallet.

After work, I went to the nearest library which was about 3 miles away from the office and dropped the wallet there. The young woman at the counter looked inside the wallet and counted the money. She then wound a tape around it and let me go. She did not get my name, nor my phone number.

That was many years ago...maybe about 8 or so. I never went back to the library.

I'm just wondering now, if Allison (I forgot her last name), who by this time could be in her 20's, has ever been reunited with her wallet.