Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bird of Paradise

Oil on 10" x 7" canvas.

10" x 7" piece of canvas glued on 14" x 10" illustration board.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Hi !

Kumusta? Happy New Year! I meant to say that I appreciated your beautiful watercolor card and personalized writing but forgot to write about. Are you taking watercolor lesseon now? How was your Christmas?
We spent Christmas with Roger and his family at Pacifica, about 20 minutes away from S.F. It was raining all day. Then we spent New Years's Eve at home because the party we planned to go to was cancelled because of the Pacific storm. More rain... on New Year's Eve, Day and the Rose Parade. We were stuck at home and catch up with many DVD's. Did you watch the parade? Everybody were smiling the rain. They all look fake.


Hi Evelyne,

Happy New Year! We are doing fine. Thanks for your pro-looking Christmas Card. I didn't have time to make a better card, a better design...it was a rush job. We had house guests--3 adults and 2 children--the first week of December. So, before they came we started preparing for their stay here (8 days). They were from Australia--Mick's cousin and her daughter and family. It was hectic preparing for them; entertaining them; driving them from one place to the other. But they helped with the clean up and cooking...just like what we do back home. So after they left Mick bugged me about making cards and I relented. My computer printer ran out of color ink and I didn't want to bother going out to buy some, so I did it all by hand.

No, I am not taking watercolor class. I do some watercolor painting here at home, and I have a few of them framed. (I took watercolor class in college.) Why bother going to Mary Lou when she doesn't teach at all. Oh, I joined the street painting in Newhall last October. There were only 3 of us, not including Mary Lou. We had fun though.

We had Christmas dinner at my son's place in NoHo; New Year's day we were at a friend's party. Yeah, it rained at the Rose Parade...lol...but I didn't bother watching it. I was still catching up on my laundry--beddings (I have to buy new ones) and towels used by our house guests.

I have not done much painting since November...I've been planning to do some this month...just plans, but I hope I'd get to do it before the month ends.

How's the painting coming along?



Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I should be updating this more often, but I'm so busy I can't keep up. I haven't done any painting...nothing. Argh...I'm supposed to make a doctor's appointment. Busy, busy, busy. What in Sam Hill? Pictures from our Black Sea cruise I haven't finished printing, and that was in year 2004. Oooohhh, my gosh. Focus. I need to focus. Hocus focus...lol. I haven't filled up that box I'm sending home...there's still plenty of room for other stuff.

Our house guest, Ermie, left more pictures for me to print. I did a couple already. And, oh yes, pictures that came with Christmas cards I have to put them in my album. This would be kind of like a reminder for me to do all these things. Let me see. I'll write them down here...but doctor's appointment will be last. If I can help it, I don't like going to the doctor.

Ed asked me to frame a photo of his former teacher--Bill Ryusaki and Bill's friend, the late Bruce Lee. This has been sitting in my little studio since December. It's about time I start working on these small projects to get them out of my way.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Contrails Galore

These white streaks of contrail crosses the blue sky on this early sunny morning, like white chalk lines on a blue board. It's fascinating to watch the formation as jets fly above.