Tuesday, December 27, 2005


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Taken at 6:30 in the morning, on Dec. 22nd. I woke up to the beauty of the sunrise and immediately got my camera to take a shot. This was taken from the balcony of my bedroom overlooking the valley of Saint Claire.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Rush Job

I did a rush job on a few Holiday cards for friends and family. My husband bugged me about it Friday morning, so I started working on it that afternoon. I have to do all of them by hand, as my printer is out of color cartridges, and I just don't want to bother going out to buy one. I figured I would make a dozen cards with a simple design. The thought is what matters, I say. Everything was done by hand...so it's a labor of love...as they say.

I have an 18" x 24" sheet of white ingres drawing paper and I cut it up to the size that would fit a number 10 envelope; and I was able to make 20 cards from it. Each card has a different


message in it. The design is of mixed media. I have only a few tubes of watercolor and some acrylic paint. For green and purple I used watercolor; acrylic for red and yellow; marker for brown (tree branch); roller pen for the message. They are all set and tomorrow ready for mailing...it may be late, but better than never.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Just Around the Corner

Christmas is fast approaching, and I haven't done any shopping...at all. Christmas tree? Ha! I don't know. I would perhaps do the same thing--decorate my wall with Christmas decorations and trimmings in the shape of a tree. I've done it for 3 consecutive Christmases and no one has complained. The only problem with that is my wall is getting a beating with staple wire holes. And presents won't be under this tree, for the simple reason that there's no under, since it's not a tree at all. What should I call it then? A faux Christmas tree? There's faux finish (for walls); faux fur coat, so faux Christmas tree would be appropriate.

Sometimes I feel like I wouldn't want to celebrate Christmas anymore. Then at the last minute I run to a store and grab presents for my family and friends. I design cards for far away friends and relatives, but I haven't the time to sit down and do it. And sometimes the idea doesn't come to me until...the last minute. I wonder why it usually comes at the last minute. Strange...sometimes I sit and nothing comes--my light bulb does not turn on. Perhaps, I need more fuel, like...food, to crank my brain and turn on the light.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Getting Better....

I've been feeling much better, my back pain have diminished since Wednesday. I noticed that when I'm up and about; busy puttering around the house: preparing dinner, cleaning and doing other household chores I don't feel so much pain. The Icy Hot helped ease it away in just a couple of days. It seemed to be more effective than Salonpas, the other one I used the first time I had back pain.

Our house guests went down south to San Diego via Amtrak to meet other relatives; and they are to go to Sea World and have another exciting day there. Yesterday they were at Universal Studios; they got home tired, but it was evident they had fun, especially the 7-year-old boy who went right to sleep; he didn't even have dinner anymore.

They have quite a schedule: Monday, the 5th - was a trip to Disneyland; the next day to California Adventures; Wednesday - to Hollywood and down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So in a span of a few days they would have covered most of the attractions here in Southern California.

We are full house when they are here, and I enjoy their company. It's the first time I've met my husband's cousin and niece and I've bonded with them instantly. The two boys are well-behaved. Matthew, the 9-year old, help set up the table; he's a good helper.

At this time, late afternoon, it's so quiet here at home. They'll be back late Sunday afternoon and then head north to Oakland the next day, Monday.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oh, pain...

My back gave in yesterday morning—perfect timing; just when we have house guests. My husband and I picked them up from the airport last Saturday; and Sunday he took them--3 adults and 2 children--down to Long Beach to stay overnight at a relative's place. From there they were to be taken to Disneyland, which is the main attraction, beside Universal Studios, here in Los Angeles. If tourists have not gone to Disneyland or Universal Studios, they have not gone to Los Angeles at all.

Here I am in front of my pc trying my best to sit straight, so when I stand up I wouldn’t be in excruciating pain. The very first time I had back pain was last October, and this is my second time. I was praying yesterday morning that it would not develop to this one—again. But it had.

Our guests would be back here tonight, and I’ve pre-prepared some food last Monday. That would be less work for me; and less strain on my back. I wonder how I would fair next Monday when they head north to visit other relatives. I would have to drive, since one car would not be enough for them and their baggage. We would drive them to the bus station, which would be an easier and less expensive commute for them.

I pray that by Monday, my back would be a lot better.