Thursday, March 27, 2008

The "I" meme

I was tagged by Ghee, the lovely, to do this meme. I'm a private person, and I don't normally post so much personal things about me. For Ghee's sake, however, here are some tidbits about me, myself and I.

I am a wife; mother of 2.

I want to travel the road less traveled.

I have 2 hands. They are left and right.

I wish I could do above - travel more.

I hate war.

I fear snakes.

I search for the end of the rainbow. There's supposed to be a pot of gold there.

I wonder why I couldn't wander...just wondering.

I regret some things I have done and said.

I love
to dream. he he he

I always see both sides. That's the Libra in me.

I am not a snob. I just don't have a smiling face. (Mukhang suplada baga)

I danced. I used to. Hubby can't dance so that's the end of it.

I sing? I can't carry a tune; not even when I hum; not even in the shower. I'm a basket case when it comes to singing. I envy those who can sing.

I cry and I cried when I'm reminded of my parents and siblings; and the times we have had together. I miss them a lot. Getting teary eyed already here.

I write whatever comes to mind. However, some of them are unprintable. Bad grammar, I guess.

I won? I wish, I had won the lotto. Three million dollars is not bad. I could use it to pay my debt, and maybe buy a couple of Hummers, a beach house in the Bahamas and shop till I drop.

I am confused, so very confused.

I need sometime to relax.

I should be relaxing by now, getting my beauty nap. I might still have a chance to become a beauty.

The last thought I go to sleep with is I hope I get to sleep tonight.

The End.

There it is. Done. Who to tag? Whoever wants to do it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Let there be life

click photo to enlarge

This wicker basket is hanging on my patio pergola. It is now a nest, a pigeon's nest. As I tried to take a picture of it this morning, while the mother-to-be bird was sitting, I startled it and it took off. I took a picture of what is inside the basket, and I found two eggs.

click to enlarge photo

In a few days these eggs will hatch, and the chicks will be chirping with their mommy. Aaaand they will be eating and pooping in my basket. Ugh! One thing good, though, they will be out of reach of predators.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Pet

I got myself a cute little tiger for a virtual pet; named him Rex. I adopted him to keep me company while I ponder on what to write about. Most of the time, however, I play with him, and in turn I don't accomplish anything. Ngee! I found out about virtual pet when I bloghopped on Gillian McMurray's blog. It does pay to wander.