Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kids' Meal.

I got home a little after 5 PM. I’ve been out most of the day with some people; had lunch with them…and it was so funny that someone suggested we have lunch at Wendy’s. We got there and the 2 girls who ordered lunch first got themselves Kids' Meal. LOL. What’s with this kids' meal? For $2.48 tax included, there’s a hamburger, French fries, a small soda, a small cup of ice cream and a toy. I tried it myself, and I got chocolate ice cream and a Charlie Brown stuffed toy. I thought it would not fill me up, but it did. Kay, the skinniest of us all, got herself a side order of a bowl of chili for $0.99. Oh, wow, big spenders we were. But we had fun…we laughed about our lunch. We stayed for a while at the place then drove a few yards away to a clothing store to browse for a short while. Kay and her friend left before my friend and me. I didn’t get anything, but Jun got herself a new pair of white pants and a black sweater. It was a good buy for both the items.


I came back here after an absence of a few months. I've been busy replying to all my emails, which at times would number to the hundreds. Somehow a member of my string has been so disappointed with what's been going on in the forum, that she had totally quit posting. She had been lambasted, attacked, maligned and abused by other posters. They have been posting foul language; editing her postings with malicious, derogatory remarks. I feel so bad for her, but I can not help her. If I jump in the thread, I would get attacked myself. I just can not understand why some people are so vile, so vicious. I, myself, have lost the desire to post to the forum. I have been put on the list by these posters, though I was described as a mere negative poster. I have never posted anything negative to anybody--in our thread or outside of that thread. Other members of the string have been called names. I've been reading, but not replying...I simply want to stay away.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pretty wild.

Gazania growing in my backyard, on the lawn where it's not supposed to. Pretty yellow color...striking, vibrant. Weed killer couldn't get rid of it...argh. It stayed there drenched with some kind of concoction, happily, sunning itself.