Wednesday, November 26, 2008

There were scribbles then...

Contrails in the sky.
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I didn't see any jets flying overhead during the firestorm. However, a few days after it was contained, they were up in the sky criss-crossing leaving their contrails behind. They were like little kids scrawling on a wall, having fun. It was then a warm sunny day.

Grey sky over my little downtown.

Last night, however, I could hear the rain pouring. It had come, our much needed rain of the year. We hardly have any this year and we welcome this precipitation. On the other hand, there is danger of mudslide on places ravaged by the fire, especially on the hillsides. Without any vegetation to hold the water the ground will likely slide downhill and drag with them homes.

Mist has covered the hills beyond.

When I woke up this morning, the ground was soaked by the downpour, and it was still raining. Mist has covered my little town and the hills beyond were not visible. The trees, grass, flowering plants and other vegetations were gloriously soaking in the precious water. Everything was washed down clean ...even my dusty old car parked in the driveway.

Later in the day the sun came out for a little while. These two black birds were perched atop these evergreen trees taking in the sun; waiting for the day to end as tomorrow will be a big event in every home.

To everyone...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Girl Friends!!!

This was passed to me by Ev; and with it goes a poem about girl friends.

When I was little,
I used to believe in the concept of one best friend,
And then I started to become a woman.
And then I found out that if you allow your heart to open up,
God would show you the best in many friends
One friend is needed when you're going through things with your man.
Another friend is needed when you're going through things with your mom.
Another will sit beside you in the bleachers as you delight in your children and their activities.
Another when you want to shop, share, heal, hurt, joke, or just be.
One friend will say, 'Let's cry together,'
Another, 'Let's fight together,'
Another, 'Let's walk away together.'

One friend will meet your spiritual need,
Another your shoe fetish,
Another your love for movies,
Another will be with you in your season of confusion,
Another will be your clarifier, Another the wind beneath your wings.

It may all be wrapped up in one woman, But for many, it's wrapped up in several...
One from 7th grade,
One from high school,
Several from the college years,
a couple from old jobs,
On some days your mother,
On some days your neighbor,
On others, your sisters,
And on some days, your daughters.

So whether they've been your friend for 20 minutes or 20 years,
Pass this on to the women who has a place in your life/lives.....

I am passing this to my girl friends on my blog roll. I'm not twisting your arms ladies...only when you want to. ;-)

Typing test.

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Typing Test

I had fun with this test. On my first try I made 25 words per minute. The score above was my second try. Not bad.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have received emails from blogger friends from different parts of the globe inquiring about my situation here regarding the firestorm. The news has gone world wide as this wildfires have spread in 4 counties here in Southern California. As I watched the news on TV it seems I am seeing a war zone where there are fires in every other house in every block of an area. The winds at 75 miles per hour are fanning the fire, making it more difficult for the firefighters to battle this conflagration.

One of the fires is about 18 - 20 miles from my home, and situated almost the same place as last month. As I watched the TV news this morning, I see smoke coming from behind the hills. After lunch flames have jumped the ridge of the hill. It was spreading slowly, not as fast as in the other areas behind the hill. The freeways were closed to traffic earlier in the day. It was opened to commuters in the early evening.

We are keeping an eye on the fire tonight. Hopefully, the cooler temperature will help the firefighters contain it by tomorrow. Hundreds of homes have been razed to the ground. That is so sad. They have lost their homes and possessions they have accumulated over the years. Still at this time, some unscrupulous people took advantage of the situation and looted some of the homes that were vacated by the homeowners. Fortunately, they were apprehended and detained by the police officers.

The blaze at the top of the hill.

I would like to thank those who emailed expressing their concern for my safety, and my family's. As of now we are intact, but keeping an eye on the hill, hoping it will not come this way. We are praying it will be contained soon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Little House

I was at the flea market yesterday morning with my friend, Junko. I walked around the place looking for something interesting, something that would catch my fancy. There were a lot of used and some unused items. Then I found something I liked, but the vendor was asking a very steep price - $1.00. I turned to walk away. Then I said, "How about fifty cents?"

"You got it. I don't want to take it back home with me," he said. I gave him my fifty cents and picked up my little house. Then as I walked away, he said to me, "You know me. Right?"

"Yup," I said, as I stashed my purchase in my sack.

I find this little thing cute and I couldn't resist it. I have quite a collection already, and this one is unique as its top flips open.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I wish

A friend sent me an email, and in it was a picture of her friend she was introducing to our string. Down at the bottom of the email was this phrase that cracked me up:

Remember, you reap what you sow. What you put into the lives of others comes back into your own. 'Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you cannot eat it or play with it, pee on it and walk away.'

I wish I could do that, but there would always be a nagging thought that I would be caught. I would stay away from whatever that would be bothering me. If I couldn't, I deal with it head on.

Now where are those bills that I'm supposed to write a check for? I better do that right now and get it over with. I can't pee on those people.