Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I should be updating this more often, but I'm so busy I can't keep up. I haven't done any painting...nothing. Argh...I'm supposed to make a doctor's appointment. Busy, busy, busy. What in Sam Hill? Pictures from our Black Sea cruise I haven't finished printing, and that was in year 2004. Oooohhh, my gosh. Focus. I need to focus. Hocus I haven't filled up that box I'm sending home...there's still plenty of room for other stuff.

Our house guest, Ermie, left more pictures for me to print. I did a couple already. And, oh yes, pictures that came with Christmas cards I have to put them in my album. This would be kind of like a reminder for me to do all these things. Let me see. I'll write them down here...but doctor's appointment will be last. If I can help it, I don't like going to the doctor.

Ed asked me to frame a photo of his former teacher--Bill Ryusaki and Bill's friend, the late Bruce Lee. This has been sitting in my little studio since December. It's about time I start working on these small projects to get them out of my way.


Anonymous said...

ul find time to paint. =) maybe post some of it here. thanks for visiting!

Mari said...

Ah, Ivy...thanks for the return visit. I will post some here later on.