Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kids' Meal.

I got home a little after 5 PM. I’ve been out most of the day with some people; had lunch with them…and it was so funny that someone suggested we have lunch at Wendy’s. We got there and the 2 girls who ordered lunch first got themselves Kids' Meal. LOL. What’s with this kids' meal? For $2.48 tax included, there’s a hamburger, French fries, a small soda, a small cup of ice cream and a toy. I tried it myself, and I got chocolate ice cream and a Charlie Brown stuffed toy. I thought it would not fill me up, but it did. Kay, the skinniest of us all, got herself a side order of a bowl of chili for $0.99. Oh, wow, big spenders we were. But we had fun…we laughed about our lunch. We stayed for a while at the place then drove a few yards away to a clothing store to browse for a short while. Kay and her friend left before my friend and me. I didn’t get anything, but Jun got herself a new pair of white pants and a black sweater. It was a good buy for both the items.

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