Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Birthday Party For A Lady

I called my friend and I said, "Jay, you know I'm here at MOSS? I forgot about this party we're going to this coming Saturday (May 12) and I'm looking for a dress to wear. I got the invitation a month ago, and now I have only a few days to find a dress." I found one, but my friend and I have a good laugh at my forgetfulness. It's a cute 2 piece dress: top is white and bottom is black with white flower design, and ruffles at the hem. I liked the ruffles it made the dress really feminine.

Yesterday, Tuesday, my husband and I looked for a suit for him to wear and we found one at the mall near our place--about 4 miles away. It is navy blue--well, almost black so it could pass as black. Requested attire is black and white, formal or semi-formal.

The celebrant is a young woman who's turning 80; still energetic, witty, and full of life. She always held parties at her home where she lived by herself. She had a car accident late last year, and decided it was time for her to quit driving. She realized that at her age her reflexes are not what it used to be. She sold her car; sold her small 3 bedroom house and moved to an apartment. She can still move about with the help of her family and friends. She's very active in church functions and members of her church are always there to help her. I met her at the Luau, one of the church's fund raising events. She was one of the committee members and I was the artist (kuno) for the flyers, posters, signs and program cover design.

This party will be one big celebration; it's only once that she'll turn 80. The chance of her reading this is nil, but just the same I'm wishing her..."Happy Birthday Manang Fely."


Ebb Tide said...

Hi Mari! Nice article about turning 80. Mukhang nakatakot. But I hope to get there strong with God's help.And I still like to keep on painting, living in our present house and driving.

nini said...

mari, if i can recall, i think manang fely was the recipient of your orchid painting. no? i remember you've given someone a painting of yours like two years or a year ago?

to manang fely, let me join mari in greeting her happy birthday.


cat said...

It always amaze me to see an elderly who is capable of doing things which you think is too much or too dangerous for them. I think they enjoying life and don't want to waste any minute of it.

Kudos to that lady!

ÅNG€L said...

Hi Mary!
Thanks for signing my guestbook, I hope you have a lot of fun in that famous party.
Did you ever consider to add some pictures of your self in your blog ? I bet you will look pretty in that dress you want to buy for the party.
Greetings from Angel of NY.

Mari said...

ebb tide, it will happen. You'll be there at your place till you're 90. Take care of yourself-- eat right, exercise, watch your blood pressure, watch your cholesterol, take your daily vitamins, get your flu vaccine, take your medications religiously, have a physical check up every year, mammogram yearly, blah, blah, blah. Hey, maybe, you'll get to be a 100. LOL

Thanks for dropping by.

nini, that was my former landlady. She, too, turned 80 when I gave her that painting on her birthday party in 2005. You know? She didn't look a day older than 50. What an amazing woman.

I'll extend your greeting to Manang Fely. Thanks for your visit.

cat, they truly are amazing. And at those age they are still vibrant and energetic.

Thanks for coming.

angel, thanks for coming and dropping me a line. I hope to have a lot of fun, even if my husband can't dance. LOL

My picture? Hmmm...I'll try.

tina said...

Happy birthday to her!! :)

Hmm.... do you have a picture with you and the dresS? ahihihi. :)

Anyway.. what a fine.. strong woman. :)

Happy Mother's Day!!

ann said...

Wow! Still strong at 80. Tayo kaya makarating ng 80? Parang ang hirap na yatang kumilos pag ganung age.

ghee said...

wow!!80 yrs old and shes still energetic and full of life!impressive ano?heyy,today`s the party na pla,Mari!!enjoy!have a blast!!

Happy Mother`s Day to you,Mari!
kudos to all moms!! :)

vk said...

Hi Mari,
It is seldom anybody celebrating this occasion, and also seldom to be invited....right?

Active pa nya ano?...the lola of my husband is 93 this year, but still active, the problem is only her eyes and her knee.....but everything is ok, and she lived alone on her old, I mean old technique equipment n etc. but she is happy and contented.....even though her kids want to renovate her house and buy some new furniture n new things....would, there is no your money for your family.....

Some of the olds here too, for sale their house and live in apartment....reason, they couldn’t cope up the works in the house, like garden and everything....

Thanks for sharing the story, very interesting.....

vk said...

sorry, i forgot to say,
I link you too, ok?

thanks for your visit too.....

enjoy for tomorrow, Mothers day....

sasha said...

Baket naman may kuno pa sa artist hehe... You are an artist, Mari! You works are great! :)

Wow, turning 80 and still full of life! Happy birthday to her! :)

And Happy Mother's Day to you, Mari! :)

Mari said...

tina, I have a picture of me with the dress, but it was out of focus. Ahihihi...LOL. I'm copying you. He he he

Thanks for your visit.

ann, baka makarating ang isa sa atin. Alam mo yung dati kong landlady nag-80th b-day nung 2005 at ang lakas pa niya, sumasayaw pa, at mukhang 50 lang siya. Siguro nasa kinakain...mahilig siya sa gulay.

Salamat sa dalaw mo.

ghee, it was a great party: 200-plus people, catered American food, champagne toast, no host bar, music with a dj and dance teacher for those who wants to learn how-to. And gifts for the women guests. It was a blast, and we had a great time.

Belated happy mother's day to you too.

vk, you're right very seldom do people reach that age, and still enjoy life.

Your husband's grandmother wants the younger ones to enjoy life. Napagdaanan na niya ang sarap ng buhay at gusto niyang ang mga apo sa tuhod na ang makinabang. She is a good woman.

Sometimes it's not good to be living by themselves in a home when they are very old already. In an apartment there's always someone near to help in case something happens.

Thanks for linking me and thanks for your visit.

Happy Mother's Day.

sasha, well, you know, it's just a hobby for me...the painting. I am not a kuno. LOL

Yup, 80 and still very active and alert.

Thank you, thank you.

JMom said...

I'm always amazed at older people who are still living life to the fullest. She should be celebrated! So Hapy Birthday too to your Manang Fely.

Enoc said...

wow.. 80 years old! happy birthday to her..

Mari said...

jmom, they are truly amazing, our older folks. I will extend the greeting to her.

Thanks for your visit.

enoc, unbelievable, isn't it? I will extend the greeting.

Thanks for coming.

Summer said...

omg 80 and still energetic nkktuwa naman un hehe

Mari said...

summer, nakakatuwa nga, at ang lakas pa.

Thanks for your visit.