Monday, April 07, 2008

Little Birdies Flew Away

The mother hen with her chicks.
(click photo to enlarge)

I was quite busy since that time I took a peek at the nest and found those 2 eggs, and I never got the chance to get a shot at them. About sometime last week I noticed that the mother seem to be feeding her little babies. They have hatched then! I thought I would take a peek and if the mother would fly, that would be it. She, however, sat there staring at me. So, I aimed my camera high above my head and took several shots. I got her with her chicks huddling by her side, keeping warm on that cold early morning. They have tucked their heads underneath her.

About an hour or so later, I noticed that the mother was not there. I stepped on a chair again, and peered above the basket, and there they are the chicks. They have grown so much already. They are no longer the teeny weeny little chicks, that are almost bare of feathers.

The chicks
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When I first found those two little eggs, I thought I would record their progress when they are hatched. But I've been busy lately I never got the chance to do it.

Yesterday morning my cousin told me that she didn't see the eggs. She wondered what happened to them. I told her, "Well, they have flown away then. I mean, the chicks are gone."

And she stared at me and said, "You mean they have hatched and grown and flown?"

"Yes, manang, they are big enough to fly already. They have flown."

And they left the nest with their poop - those dark grey little round stuff with a speck of white in them. That I have to clean for the next tenant.



nona said...

hahaha! so cute ah, parang maternity clinic yung basket mo,hindi na nga nagbayad nag-iwan pa ng kalat ano? haha!hmm who would be the next tenant?
Good luck sa susunod, baka mairecord mo na ang hatching moment :)Iyan ang ibibigay ko sa iyong task Mari, sabi ni big brother.

tina @ angelblush said...

aww. and you did not get a shot of them? but hey, there would be others still.

hehe. their twitters are good enough pay for their rent during mornings right?

JMom said...

Cool photos! That's so great that you could get close enough to take photos. I kept trying to do that to the bird's nest on our tree and I never get to catch the eggs, just the chicks right before they fly off too.

lady cess said...

maybe the chicks will be the next tenant :)

Photo Cache said...

you are like a halfway house for these birds, good for you.

Mari, I did the meme. See it at

Nance said...

hatched and flown??? that was fast! he he he ... may times na sana ganyan ang mga anak natin di ba? :)

Dennis Villegas said...

I love to see those little eggs turn into little birds. You take care of them extremely well, and they should be :)

Anonymous said...

God Bless YOUR heart, missy. Lucky and smart are those birdies who find your place. They have very good hunches.


Mari said...

Oo nga, maternity clinic na itong basket ko. Lol. Baka sa susunod mairecord ko na ang paglaki nila.

Naku, libreng libre ka na ngayon, nakakalibut ka na sa Blogger. Bumabait na sila Lee Tse kasi malapit na ang Olympics. He he

Salamat sa dalaw mo.

Mari said...

Hopefully, there would be another one. And, yes, their chirps is music to my ears.


Mari said...

There was a time another pidgeon built a nest on my patio beam and I took a shot of it with its chicks. I didn't get a shot of the eggs. I could get close and they would just stare at me. This is the first time I got the eggs. I guess, I was lucky.

Thanks for dropping by.

Mari said...

lady cess,


Mari said...

photo cache,
Yup, a halfway house, indeed.

Thanks for doing the meme. I'll go check it.

Mari said...

Yes, they are gone.

Our kids? Sana nga.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

It's exciting to see them around.

Thanks for dropping by.

Mari said...

They were lucky this time. They were away from the reach of predators.

Thanks for the visit.

ev said...

wow!been waiting on this...i still remember your struggle in keeping the eggs and now look at them..they've even learned to flap their wings and fly. am happy to hear this Mari!

JeannieTheDreamer said...

Hello Mari, great pictures. What birds are they, do you know?

Though I love to watch and shoot birds (with my camera) I can't seem to be close or look at their nests, eggs, and chicks. Takot ako...

It's been awhile since i've visited, will be back,


JeannieTheDreamer said...

our robin would come back every nesting season to the same nest. she's been laying eggs for three years. a few days ago though, i found feathers on my yard... and then, the nest torn apart, on the ground. I could NOT take a picture.

nona said...

hmm...naninilip baka me update :)
may buntis na ba uli? :D

Mari said...

Yeah, everyone seem to be waiting to see what will happen to the eggs. They made it; they're now out there flying, having fun.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Hey, it's been a while.

Those are pigeons. They don't seem to be afraid. I can get that close and they'd just look at me.

What happened to your robin happened to my hummingbird last year. It would come to the same nest every other year, but last year a predator attacked the nest. The nest fell to the ground, and when mother came to check on her eggs she sat there hunched...she seemed perplexed as to what happened to her eggs. Sad.

Thanks for visitng. I will link you and return the visit.

Mari said...

Wala pang update. Sorry. Baka sa isang linggo meron na.


Pepe said...

Wow, you are a very good landlady Mari....! I think you have to collect the the rent next time.... How about a bag of corn forthnightly ha-ha....! =D

Pepe said...

Maybe the next tenant is a pelican.... How's that....? Ha-ha....! =D

Mari said...

It's a joy to see our feathered friend come and set up house in my patio. I'm just glad that the nest was safe from predators; and the chicks made it out of there unharmed. A bag of popcorn sounds better.

I would get a bigger basket for a pelican. Lol. Those birds are huge. I've seen them at the beach.

Thanks for your visit.

Gina said...

Uy, next time mag charge ka naman sa 'clinic' mo =))

Hopefully, the big outside world will be kind to your cute little feathered ex-tenants.


cool photo. cute yung dalawang chicks...

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

like children

Mari said...

Buto ng pakwan ang bayad nila sa akin, siguro. LOL

Yes, hopefully they will be fine, and get to adulthood.

Thanks for the drop.

Mari said...

Yes, they are cuuute!

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

lloyd irving bradbury,
Yes, they are like children; they need tender loving care.

Thanks for dropping me a line.

nona said...

hello mari...just checking your update. :) I tagged you (again hehe)
Take care and have a nice day. mwah!

Sidney said...

Cute. Lovely !

Pepe said...

How's your weekend Mari....? Ito lang talaga time ko na mag-ikot dito, sobrang busy kasi.... Anyways, i hope that you'are doing well and have a great weekend....! =D

Mari said...

Hey, buti naman at nakalusot ka uli.

Thanks for the tag, will do it.

Thanks for the visit.

My weekend is okay, it's my computer that is not. Been having some problem with it. Aargh!

Thanks for the visit.

tutubi philippines said...

cute birds...hope they mature into the wild though

caryn said...

wow, that's so cute! you seem to have a lot of 'pets';-) must be nice to live surrounded by nature. in tokyo, not many people have gardens; we're usually surrounded by concrete buildings instead of trees. sigh.

Mari said...

Yeah, hope they do!!!

You must live in the city that's densely populated. Sad. Make do, however.

Thanks for coming to my blog.