Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Photo tag...tag...tag

I was tagged by Nona, muy bonita. LOL This one is easy. The rules are: pluck the sixth picture from your photo file and post in your blog. And then tag as many as you want. That's it. As for me, I'll toss it and whoever wants to catch and do it, may do so.

Here’s mine.

I have 8 photo files. Each of which contains a certain kind of photo, so it would be easy for me to look for a picture. The one above was from the Gallery, the first file.

That is an image of a yellow Canna Lilly. I bought that plant about 3 years ago. The vendor who sold it to me didn't know the name and told me the color of the flower was white. I stumbled on a plant just like this one at a nursery, and that's how I got to know its name. And the flower came out to be yellow. Yey...I like it more than a white one. It, however, took a long time to bloom.

There it is Nona. I'm done with the tag.


Nance said...

Canna lily! love them! i've seen red, and bright orange before but I've never seen a yellow one, nor white. they are mostly tropical plants, so if i plant them where i live, I have to dig them up every fall, which is not too bad, problem is, I already have literally hundreds of dahlias that needed lifting too around fall. :(
... never mind, just rambling here! he he he
nice pic by the way,dudette!

lady cess said...

ganda. available kaya yan dito? at madali kaya alagaan? if it is, i would love to get one!

Mari said...

What you probably would need to do when winter comes is cut the stalks down to the ground and cover the roots or bulbs underneath. It will grow come spring. Mine can't stand the cold temps, and it dies, but the stalks come back up.

Mari said...

lacy cess,
Tutubo diyan, kasi tropical plant ito. Madaling alagaan.

Photo Cache said...

Oh I love canna lilies (callas too), we dont have yellow. WE have the orange and the red.

LOL on the wrong info.

Mari said...

Photo Cache,
I would love to have an orange one.

Obviously, the vendor doesn't know her plant. LOL

Nona said...

Haha, mas maganda pa kasi it's a vibrant yellow!! Canna lily pala ang tawag diyan. Magkaiba ba sila ng Calla Lily? Ups...it's a name of a Band in Phil. hehe. I'm not sure kung flower din yung Calla Lily.
Thanks for doing the tag Mari-koy! :D

Mari said...

Merong Calla Lily, at maganda rin.
My pleasure for doing the tag.

ghee said...

yay!yellow is my fav. color din!!i so luv it!! ang ganda ng name ano?

i hope i can find a similar one here.

sorry for my late comment...uh oh,pls dont spank my butt... :D