Friday, November 27, 2009

Flash back

The ceiling fan is slowly spinning, casting a soft shadow on the cottage-cheese-finish of the gypsum board ceiling. As I stared at it my thoughts raced back to that day when I was a kid of 10, ill in bed. The ceiling of my room was made of planks of wood with old faded white paint. I don't remember how long I've been sick; never counted the days. All I wanted was to get better and be on my feet again.

In the morning my 2 older siblings and my mom would leave for school, and I was left in the care of someone. She cooked my meals which at that time was tasteless; checked on me from time to time; and felt my temperature with the back of her hand on my forehead.

It was so quiet during the morning until mid-afternoon. There were times I dozed off. When kids in the neighborhood were back home from school, I could hear them playing, laughing and having fun. I longed to be with them, and have fun myself.

At this time my mom, brother and sister would be back from school, they would come and visit me in my room. My mom would check my temperature, and made sure I was doing okay; that I was getting better...not on the brink of death. I learned later on, when I was already an adult that I had pneumonia.

One day, feeling much better, I got up and tried to walk. On my first step my knees buckled under my weight and I fell on the floor. But instead of crying, I laughed. I was so happy that I could get up and be on my feet again, though shaky. A little friend who was visiting me at that time laughed with me. I would get up and try again, though knowing that I'm still weak and would hit the floor...again. Still it didn't matter. We laughed till we were spent.

A few days later on, I was back in school; glad to be up and about.

The ceiling fan is still going on; is having a hypnotic effect, and the hum of the l e e p.


Ebie said...

Welcome back, Mari!
I say you have a very photographic memory! The artwork is perfect!
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
I am taking blogging easy this past week and I will see you around the blog world!

Nance said...

Hi Dudette,
Get up and try to stand up when you were a kid. I know it's easier said than done but don't let that "monster" beat you, fight until you'll come up a winner...sugod mga kapatid! ;)

Sidney said...

Sounds like a nightmare to me !

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Welcome back, Mari.

nice your story-telling here,
i remember the back-up of mine,too.

Have a wonderful 1st Advent to you and family.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ay oo nga, while reading your past memory, would say,
parang nag-day dreaming din ako.


Mari said...

Thanks for the visit.

You brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I will fight.
Thanks for the advice.

That could be the nightmare of my childhood.

Kung minsan bumabalik yung mga nakaraan natin.
Salamat sa bisita mo.

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

reminds me of my youngest child... i left my teaching career to nurture an asthmatic child...whew! a sacrifice but well worth the effort.

Mari said...


A tough choice but a mother has to do it.

Thanks for the hop.

Tita Beng said...

Hello Mari! I hope you're feeling well now. I admire you for being strong willed even when still a li'l child yet.

Miss you, Mari!

dodong flores said...

That's nostalgic...

Allow me to share my own experience - my experiencing of skipping a number of school days for having been sick.
1. When I was in Grade II, nagkasakit ako ng matinding ubo at lagnat for two months. I almost dropped school because of that.
2. Nong first year high school naman ako, I was paralyzed for six months due to pasma sa muscles. buti na lang, I have my cousin/classmate na matiyaga na nag-alalay sa akin while I couldn't walk myself.
Right now, I would just reminisce those days with a smile... But I do remember those days only when I'm not feeling well.

I hope you're okay at this present moment, Ms. Mari. God bless you and many happy returns of the day...

Photo Cache said...

Just dropping by to say hi, long time no "see".

Sandy said...

Enjoyed your memory, ...Ohhh... never had pneumonia and hope I never do.

Nance said...

Hey dudette!
Just checking on you've been pretty quiet lately kahit na sa kabilang bangir! ;)
Hope everything's going well.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Hi Mari,

We wish you and your family a blissful 2nd Advent!


Dennis Villegas said...

A very touching post..sometimes childhood reminiscences is good way to remind us that we have all been children once, although most of us forget it. Your drawing is lovely, Mari.

dodong flores said...

Hi, Ms. Mari. Just passing by to greet you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year...

Photo Cache said...

Mari ---

Just dropping by to greet you a very merry christmas.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Such a nostalgic reminiscence. Sorry for not being much around Mari. I am trying to visit each one at a time for I can only what I am able to do.

Pneumonia is a deadly illness. I always kept that in mind so I knew what to do with my children. Our experience is the best teacher indeed!

Wish you a joyous and safe blessed season.

ev said...

Merry Christmas Mari!God bless you and your family!take care..


ev said...

whahh!i wrote the wrong servers are mixed up!sorryy..the first comment was for Nance entry..aww!!

Mari!I wish you and your family a merry merry Christmas!take care and God bless always!

ghee said...

what a nice writer you are, brought me into those days...I could relate very well,and I myself had pneumonia once,when I was 7 yrs. old.

its already 2010 Mari,come now and get out of your nest,hehe.

I miss your presence in my blog!! :D

ghee said...

Hi again Mari...are you sick ba?i hope all is well with you...