Friday, April 23, 2010

A birthday bash at 85!

I figured we would be half an hour late, but it went beyond that. We, my husband and I, got to the party an hour late. It started at 11 AM and was to end 3:30 PM, so an hour was not bad. The food was buffet style, and there were still plenty left. On our way there, we made a wrong turn and got past our exit on the freeway. We exited after noticing that we reached the next town already, and we looked for familiar street names. We found one, and drove till we got there. The party was well underway, but some tables still have empty chairs left, so we grabbed a couple for us.

The invitation.
(click image to enlarge)

The birthday girl...err...celebrant was my landlady some decades ago. Till now she never forgets to invite me and my husband at her parties. When she turned 80 five years ago, we were there to celebrate with her. It was a casual party with a few friends in attendance. I gave her a 16" x 20" oil painting.

This time, I gave her an 8" x 10" painting I did summer of 2009.

The celebrant dancing with a guest.

Now turning 85 is a bigger milestone. More people were invited and she was dressed to the hilt in a white, lacy embroidered gown. It is amazing that at her age she can still dance a little, though I noticed that she has a bit of a hunch and has a hard time getting on her feet. She has some gray hair; some wrinkles; but all in all she looks fantastic, and very alert. Except for the stiffness of joints she could pass for a 60-year-old.

The celebrant with some guests.

There was a short program that included a toast with a brief biography of the celebrant; introduction of the offspring and their children; her siblings and their spouses and children. This party was given to her by her 3 children. The oldest now in his late forties; the middle, a woman in her forties, married with children; and the youngest in his early forties, married with children, as well. The celebrant's husband and father of the children passed away sometime in the 1970s.

Guests hitting the dance floor.

And, as usual, in any Filipino party there is always dancing. As soon as the music was on everyone was at the floor doing their line dancing, cha-chas, and mambos...except for me. I have forgotten the steps of those dances, and besides my husband has 2 left feet. With a slow dance, he always stepped on my foot. Ouch! So, I'd rather not dance. Why suffer?

When we said good-bye to her youngest, he said, "See you in 5 years." I gave him a thumbs up. It's possible she would still be around by that time.

Would I wish to get to that age? Yes, if I could still boogie and eat without dentures.


Ebie said...

She looks very good for her age, and that's a lovely Filipina dress, too.

Food, song and dance is always there!

Glad you had a good time. I wish to have that longevity!

Nance said...

She must have good genes, 85 yrs young and hardly have any wrinkles on her face!
Hope I'm still in that good shape IF i reach 85! lol
Nice painting, dudette!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

oh jeee...........tanong sana ako,saan kaya si Mari, dancing with Mamboo...........

wow, 85yrs old....makarating kaya ako nito, i am very happy kahit 70 na lang.

she is still active and healthy, and her childrens are lines of 40´s, late cya nagka anak, ano?

Pinay parties as usual very lively n jolly...dancing and karaoke, present talaga ito.....hindi pwede lalo na karaoke.

Nice Painting, Mari.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Thank you for your blessing n wish to us with kim.

i pray and trust to God for our bonding, ,,,,no bad influence break us apart.............


Photo Cache said...

what an achievement. she looks good for her age. yap, get ready with another painting, girl, you have 5 years to complete it :D

glad you had a wonderful relationship with your former landlord. my hubs has the same with his - they actually consider him their "good son" - their exact words, and moi their daughter in law. we have become sort of a "family".

backpacking philippines said...

85 is really such a milestone. when my dad turned 70, we gave him a surprise party that he broke into tears, the cry baby that he mom recently turned 68 and we hope to see them in their 80's

Anonymous said...

i remember my grandparents on this post. my only lola who's alive and kickin' is my paternal; she just turned 90 last january.
...looks like you had a great time partying with all those dancing and groovin' ... 85? wow, that's a huge achievement already these days. i'm not even half her age!
and how sweet of you mari to give paintings on her birthdays. it's priceless!

Sidney said...

Happy birthday to the birthday girl !
Bata pa ! :-)
I wish I am like her when I have her age !

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mari, I guess we all will be taking this road one day, a road named 'Twilight Avenue'.
I enjoyed reading this posting of yours.
Can see you write from your heart.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Mari said...

Thanks all for the visit and comments.

I wish to have that longevity, as well.

She has good Ilocano genes. ;-)

Hindi siya nagka-anak agad.
Painting ay...ho hum. LOL

Photo Cache,
It's hard to find people like your former landlord. They are keepers.

Your dad is still young, he'll make it to 80...even 85.

Whoaa, 90! That is long.

You will be like her. Be a good boy and you will. ;-)

Uncle Lee,
Yeah, we will all get there...sooner or later.
Aahhh, you flatter me.

Thanks again for the visit, everyone.

Joy said...

Sounds like a really fun party - especially for the celebrator! She definitely looked like she has lived a full life. That artwork is beautiful.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Have a great week!