Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My long absence in the blogosphere had some of my friends wondering about my well-being. At this writing all is well. I am fine, and have been for quite sometime; for months now. I know, that in the past I have written about my struggle to pass a road of darkness; of uncertainty. That is all over now. I have a new lease in life and will take advantage of it as life is getting shorter each day.

Why the silence then? "Nabagsakan ng katam." I would rather play computer games than wrack my brain for an essay. I would rather sleep; go biking and eat than think.

In any event, I thank the good souls out there who were concerned.

Good night all...and Happy Thanksgiving.


Ebie said...

Hi Mari, nice to see a new blog post.

Sometimes, taking a break is good. On your case, could be a good time to do what you love to do, painting...

I hope you see your new projects.

Take care.

Photo Cache said...

Nice to see you're up with a new post. Happy holidays.

Nona said...

Glad to hear you're fine Mari. Minsan talaga kapag katam na ang bumagsak...wala nang makakaawat pa hehe. Happy to see you back

Nona said...

Belated happy thanksgiving! May natira pa bang turkey?

Mari said...

Ebie, Photo Cache and Nona,

Thanks for the visit. Glad to be here again, as well. I'll crank up this lazy brain of mine to keep it active and going. See you guys around.


Wala ng turkey. Yung natira ginawa kong paksiw...para bang paksiw na litson. Sarap din pala. Yung gravy ang sabaw niya.

Anonymous said...

I would rather sleep; go biking and eat than think.

same as i do...........

thanks for the visit.......

pasko na pala next week......dito lang kami sa bahay.


Nance said...

Hi Mari!
just like you, nabagsakan din ng katam! lol tamad din mag-isip, that's probably the reason why i'm spending more time on Facebook, all i need to do is comment and browse at my fb friend' photos.

anyways...welkam bakkk! ;-)

Inday said...

Hello Mari,

I guess I can say the same with my life. Fighting darkness can be a real struggle ... and it's victory when we overcome it. Hence, I always try to find focus in doing something else.

(I think I am feeling insomniac. But I'm okay. Trying to get myself tired playing jigsaw puzzle. When done ... somniferous state will follow suit).