Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I'll pass banana for now...

Australia is one of the countries whose currency is in dollars. The value, however, fluctuates a few cents. With this in mind I thought that the prices of some of the commodities Down Under would be a little bit more or less than what we have up in North America. I had a big surprise though when I stepped in a grocery store. Their prices were unbelievable. They are more than double as that of ours back home. Here below are a sampling of what they have.
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Chicken at $5.79 a kilogram (1 kilogram = 2.204 pounds). That makes a pound of chicken at $2.63. I can't complain about our $0.99/lb.

Barbequed chicken at $10.90. I can't tell how many kilograms it is, but, by the looks of it, it's about 1 1/2 kilograms.

A bunch of spinach at $2.50. Bananas at $11.99 a kilogram. Cosmetics are also sky-high in prices.

However, kitchen appliances, electrical gadgets, household appliance are basically the same in prices as what we have. That also include electronics such as flat screen TVs, laptop computers, memory sticks and etc.

Clothings are the same in prices, some are made from other countries. I purchased a couple of blouses and a sweatshirt. Some are on sale as they are making room for winter clothes. It is now their autumn here and soon winter will be upon them. Our summer back in the U.S. is their winter here.


Ebie said...

Wow! I say it is overpriced. Maybe it costs more to import their chiquita banana, or they are organically grown there.

I hope you had a wonderful vacation!

Inday said...

When I was in the States in 2005, I was very surprised to find how cheap your commodities over there compared to ours here. But I did not allow myself to get carried away because of our Customs blah blah and I thought it would not be worth the trouble. I only brought home a few items which I deemed safe for me to bring. I hope you are having a great time in your visit here Mari.

Just got home from my daughter, I must send my present before you go back home. Thanks for the address.

Sandy said...

Definitely higher in prices on some stuff. I was shocked beyond words when we went to Hawaii way back in 1984. The prices were unbelievably high. We had a condo for two weeks and to save money we thought we would cook in most days for the kids. I remember for example, peanut butter seemed to be twice what we paid here.

Nance said...

You would think that fruits and veggies are inexpensive there.
oh well, just being with relatives am sure is worth it and that both are having a good time!
Enjoy your stay dudette!

Photo Cache said...

I think everywhere in the world the price is crazy.

docgelo said...

so you're in Oz right now?

tina said...

whew. very pricey. prices sure are sky rocketing lately. whew.

Anonymous said...

mev, are you back yet? gee, prices are so high i feel luckier living here in America.


ev said...

How are you Mari?we haven't been into blogging for quite a while..but i still wish we'd have more time to write our thoughts again like the old times..

God bless us all!you are very talented..keep painting,
keep posting:)

razzy said...

Too expensive... you're in aus right now?