Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just Wondering

Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here, I mean, why I'm blogging. I'm not a writer; I'm not good in composition and my grammar sucks. My syntax...ugh...they are...whatever. My past, or my present doesn't get along; would've, could've--whatever. Now is this where I put a period, a comma, a semi-colon or a colon. But one thing, I think, I'm good at--spelling. Was it spelling? My memory is fading and sometimes my spelling is affected.

I think, I know why I'm here. I'm being sucked by the vortex of the spinning blogosphere. Everyone, almost everyone--old, young, writer or not are being carried by the eddying winds of this sphere...and away we all go. So, perhaps, I'm going with the flow to nowhere, to wherever and write anything...whatever comes to mind.

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