Wednesday, May 10, 2006

50 miles away for spicy hot soup

Last Saturday, we, my significant other and I, drove 50 miles to Redondo Beach to have lunch at the pier. We do this on the last Saturday of each month; a
nd at this same restaurant; we order the same fair. We have tried other places and different food, but somehow, we like this the most.
The soup (above) consists of chunks of halibut, pre-cooked shrimp, slices of tofu, daikon, mussels, mushrooms and green onions and it's flavored with powdered chili pepper, which makes it very, very hot. The first time I had this my mouth burned and it seemed heat was coming out of my ears and nostrils. It is served in the same wok it was cooked so it's piping hot. With this comes bowls of rice and kim chee. After we had our fill of the soup we would walk the pier down to the board walk and stop at an ice cream place to have a scoop of my favorite rocky road.

The pier is usually lined up with people fishing. There was a group, who somehow didn't catch fish, but a big 10 pounds spider crab.


Maganda said...

Ooh I love Korean food!

Mari said...

Then you'll love that place in Redondo Beach, So. California. They serve all kinds of Korean food.

Thanks for dropping by.