Thursday, May 18, 2006

Welcome to the World


There are 5 chicks here in the nest. This is nestled between the exterior wall of my house and the beam of my trellis in the patio. The mother somehow built it too close to the door that each time someone opens it, it scares her away. These chicks must be about a week old. In a few days I will take another picture of them, to chronicle their growth.

There was another nest on a beam of the trellis, but I think, the cat got to it before the eggs were even hatched. I saw broken eggshells, twigs and grass on the concrete slab of the patio. Another nest is hidden at the corner of the trellis and hopefully the cat won't see it.

I have no idea what kind of birds these are. They are ordinary birds; I see them in my backyard all the time. Last year about this time, there was a hummingbird who made a nest on my shell parol. It was just right in front of my kitchen window. I took lots of pictures of it, but...some of those pictures were lost when my pc was corrupted and it had to be reformatted. Darn! I couldn't get them as the files won't the only way to make my pc work again was to reformat it. I have to let it go...all those pictures. Well, a lesson learned for me. I should've put them all on a cd as my husband had been telling me to do all the while.

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