Saturday, November 11, 2006

Orchids for a Friend

Oil on canvas
20" x 24"

A request by a friend for a yellow orchid painting sent me searching high and low. I surfed the web; scanned house magazines; garden books and all reading materials I could lay my hands on, but none I could find. I was in a quandary. Finally, a gold colored one...with tinges of yellow and hues of brown. I painted it so there would be more yellow, some gold and brown. Finally, there's my yellow--not mine for long--orchids, soon on its way to the new owner--Nini.

Quiet Heaven
A poem by Nini.


Nini said...

OMG!!! I don't know what to say! I was showing my blog to a colleague here at work and thought of showing yours too. What can I say??? OMG again! My friend, I hope to paint something, someday and just like what I've said, be like you at the soonest. Feel free to link my site It is never done, still working on it.
Anywayz, teka muna, ako ba yong Nini dito? Lol

Thanks again my dear friend!!!


Mari said...

You can do it. I know you can, you've put your heart into it; you've been doing more painting than I do. If I've been practicing more than I'm sleeping, I could've done more. Practice, practice, practice is the key. I've linked you already. I don't know any other Nini. He he

You're welcome, friend!

Nini said...

lol, i can't wait to see this behind our sofa in the family room. i am so beyond excited. how is your site meter by the way? it was me and me and me and me peeking.


Mari said...

LOL. It's going up. Thanks to you.

Nini said...

there must be yellow in heaven
as i had wished for one
not too long ago
that i wished i had known.

dear friend,
i see quiet heaven
in the yellows you have grown.

i posted this on my blog and have tried to link to your site, well, i am so terribly challenged by this blog 101. it didnt work... help!!!!


Mari said...

Like I said before, you always come up with beautiful lines. I love it. Thanks.

DChrysalis2024 said...

Hoy you two: is this a meeting of the minds of two talented ladies? Sharing fun times huh, doing things you have your hearts on. Nakakainggit!

So I say amazed "What talents!"
Lurk behind sweet maiden smiles
Enthraling Nymphs of lit, art
Beguiled my humbled heart.

Mari said...

We are having fun, D., just like old times. Huwag ng mainggit at sali na sa amin.

Ah, poetry. What can I say? I was a wannabe, couldn't write good poetry. LOL

Thanks, and please come again.