Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Portrait on Scrap

I met a lady artist about a year ago. She was sitting in the shade by a building taking cover from the sizzling hot sun. I took cover myself, and sat about 4 feet away from her. She sat there reading a book and was intently looking at a picture of a painting, her hand moving, mimicking the movement of a brush. I stroke up a conversation with her thinking probably that she is a painter, an artist. “Painting book?” I asked. She looked up from the book and answered me politely with a, “Yes.” “Are you an artist?” I asked again. She is; had done all media: pencil, pastel, water color, pen and ink and others, except oil. (I never asked her why she stayed away from oil.) She had attended classes and workshops on art; gone to parties with her sketch book and drew the attendees. I told her that I’ve taken an oil painting class; done some paintings, but have never ventured into portraiture. She had encouraged me to take it up, and as she looked up at my husband (who stopped by) she said I should use him as a model. Yes, perhaps I can try it; I’d never know what I can do unless I try my hand at it.

Her husband, a nice tall gentleman, is a veteran of WWII; been to the Philippines during the war. Both of them have experience the days of the depression era; nothing goes to waste. To save her husband’s half-full bottle of coke she poured it in her half-full can of coke.

When it was time for me and my husband to go I said goodbye to her and told her she had inspired me; that I will try my hand at portraiture. She in turn had expressed the same, and to pick up her brush again, as she had for a while been on a hiatus.

A few days after I met the lady, I tried painting a portrait of the First Lady, using her picture on a magazine as a model. As I sat on the couch watching TV, I grabbed a scrap paper and a pencil and copied the picture on the clean side of the paper…the other side has writings on it.

This is what came out. I would say not bad for a newbie. The writings on the other side of the paper came through the scanner. For some reason, if I do my drawing on scrap paper, I do well, but on a better quality clean drawing paper, somehow I screw up.

I tried to do the same portrait, a week ago, on a clean Strathmore drawing paper and this is what came out. Argh! I didn't do justice to the First Lady. Argh, argh!!!! It could be that my hand was shaky then, as I was still ill and not strong enough? That’s my excuse. Ha!

I'm not a professional artist. What I've done here, my artworks, I do on my spare's only a hobby. But someday, I hope to devote more time on it.



nona said...

not bad for a newbie mari, good you tried it.
Portraiture's my favorite, and human figure as well. Diyan ako unang natutong magdrawing.more on human actually.
Nice try! keep it up...:)

Mari said...

Nona, thanks for the words of encouragement, I need that. I need to build my confidence in portraiture...I should practice more. Daig pa ako nung 14-year-old na bata. LOL

Nini said...

hey frend, you are an artist! my dad called my attention the other morning as he was gazing at your painting. the eastern sun was so radiant and the effect on your colors was unbelievable. my mom said this again, " that's a real painting, can you do that too?"


Mari said...

Hi Nini, thanks. I'm glad your mom and dad liked the painting. Maybe, someday I'll meet them when I go thataway. I need to brush up on my portraiture. The last time I tried it, I was in college still, and that was a long time ago. So, it's kind of new to me again.