Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Sixth Day

We are on the sixth day of the New Year, but for me nothing seemed to have moved on. I have not budged from where I am--a painting I have started remained untouched. The days are still short, although we are getting sunny days and unusually warm (80 degrees) weather this time of year here in Southern California. My neighborhood is as always quiet—no ambulance or fire truck sirens, no car chases, hardly any car or truck passes by and no gun fires (as in drive by shootings). It is so calm and quiet it is lulling me to sleep. It reminds me of siesta time which happens at this same hour (3 pm) of the day back home. The glare of the sun hitting the blinds makes me sleepier, I feel like slipping under the covers and taking a catnap.

My husband bought a new cell phone to replace his old one which does not recharge anymore no matter how long he leaves it plugged in. It didn’t take long before he started getting calls from an unnamed caller with the numbers 000-000-0000. He hardly uses his cell phone; there are times he forgets to take it with him when he leaves home. The landline he uses mostly for important and business calls and it would take him only a few minutes to make his calls. When he’s home he would put his cell phone on a shelf at the hallway and forget about. One day out of curiosity I picked it up and noticed he had a missed call. When I opened it he has 21 calls he missed from 1 caller only—the 000-000-0000 numbers. So he thought he’d put the cell phone near him so he would not miss the call. Then it rang and he answered it. What do you know? It’s a telemarketer! My husband asked him for his name and the company he’s working for. The caller immediately hangs up and never called again.

It seems we're not safe from telemarketer even with our cell phones.

I can't believe I wrote the draft above on a piece of bond paper and a pencil. I thought I'd write something and it's the nearest thing I could grab.

Now for that catnap.


Pinay Rosas said...


nona said...

telemarketer...anywhere, bugging people's lives tsk tsk.

Thanks a lot mari for visiting my art site'though naligaw ka lang :)
and for a nice comment.
Architecture ka rin pala...I read your profile. :)

nini said...

the first week i got my new cp#, i must have gotten 5 calls a day from strangers #$?>!$%^. i wasnt patient enough and asked for a new number.


Mari said...

Nona: Yes, you have to interrupt your dinner just to answer the phone and it turns out to be a telemarketer...a pain in the... Grrr&%$#@(*

I read your profile, too. Yehey, architecture...he he. Thanks for the visit. Please come again.

Nini: That no. you got must've been used by someone else before.

At first my husband and I thought it was virus that got in his cp, since the nos. that appeared were all zeros. This is some clever telemarketer, being able to do that.

The first time I changed my cp# I got a phone call from a collection agency. Can you believe that? I told them that they are calling a new cp# and never to call me again. But they called again the next day, and I got so mad at the guy on the other line, I think, I yelled at him. He he he. They never called back.

Thanks again for the visit.

Mari said...
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nona said...

Hi mari, sure...I'll link you up too. Thanks din...:)

Paolo said...

my father is an architect too. la lng. =P, and it happened that i used to be a telemarketer in the phils. kasumpa sumpa tlgang trabaho, we offer loans to our card holders, buti nalang, mababait mga pinoy at nagpapasalamay pa talaga sila samin pag naiinform about the facility.

Mari said...

Paolo, you made me laugh...katuwa ka. Ha ha Siguro nga "kasumpa-kasumpa", you have to deal with a lot of people you don't even know; you need a lot of patience and have to hold your temper. Di siguro ako magtatagal as telemarketer. So, where is your father based?

Thanks for your visit.

relly said...

Hello mari, thanks for the message, i'll try to contact her.

Mari said...

Relly, thanks for visiting. Love your blog. I'm sure my friend, DChrysalis, would love to hear from you.

Thanks again.