Monday, June 18, 2007

Fortune Cookie Says

"As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never
point your way."

Ouch, ouch. That would hurt a lot, I tell you. But it's true. At one time or another we get those splinters. Some of us may get so much of it, while others would hardly feel the pain. That was in my fortune cookie at lunch. We had lunch at a Chinese Buffet. There we pigged out. At least, I think I did, but as soon as I got home, I'm hungry again.

We fired the grill in the evening and tossed the steak, pork, potatoes and tomatoes in it. Eddie said he was going to do the cooking, but he ended up chatting with his dad. LOL The steak almost got overdone it was like jerky, but it was good. I did the pork and wow, was I a good cook. He he he I steamed some green beans and corn; warmed up some rice, but no one ate it. It's now 12:15 AM and as I am writing this, I'm getting hungry again.

By late evening Eddie said, "Happy Father's Day, dad," and gave him a big hug.


"With integrity and consistency, your credits are piling up."

I don't know what this really means. Credits as in debit and credit? My brain is not trained to manage accounting and its complicated numbers. I took high maths in college, and I almost failed in some of them, but that must've been the wake up call, when I was on the verge of failing. I focused on my mechanics class; grabbed every guy by the collar to teach me, tutor me. And when I was exempted from my finals my friends were all surprised...their mouths dropped open. LOL "Hey, I'm not thinking of parties and boys all the time." Naman. It was smooth sailing with my other math classes after that. The guys even asked me how I solved a problem in our quiz, I compared notes with them. Hah!

Now if it's credit as in utang. That I can understand. I have statements after statements coming every month, that I don't know how to pay them. "Want to buy a painting, people?" Pambayad ng utang.

If it means I have good credit...good. I can use my Visa and Master Card to buy all the things I want. Then I'm deep in debt. Aargh! Never mind. I'll stay poor and recycle my old clothes.


"Finally, it is accepted as self-evident."

Whaaat? Wakanga!


SexyMom said...

fortune cookies--they're fun, but not really to be taken seriously. nowadays, they're gaining popularity again here in the philippines--they are sold at Chow King for P5/each. sometimes hilarious, sometimes serious, though sometimes exact (what co-incidence)

belated happy father's day to the fathers in your family.

tina said...

aww. na try ko na finally ang fortune cookies ate. ive been wanting to try it ever since i read about it in SV. kasi walang fortune cookies dito. buti na lang ang chowking nagkaroon. i bought 5. one for each family member.... trouble is i forgot what was mine.. mhmm.. hayy naku! hahanapin ko pa fortune ko.. ahihii.

mhmm maybe you are consistent and then... your integrity is good.. and that's why ung "credits" na di utang... ung credits.. parang something you earned by being consistent and all. i think.

ma try nga ulit ang fortune cookies... ahihihi. :P take care always.... *HUGS* :)

Mari said...

sexymom, right they are fun. That one with the splinter made me laugh, so, I thought I'd post it. They're like our horoscope.

Thanks for the greeting, and for dropping a line.

tina, save your fortune cookies and use them for your blog. These cookies come with our dinner at Chinese per guest.

You are right about consistency and credit, but the problem with that is I'm not consistent. hi hi hi

Thanks for your comment.

Nini said...

my friend, i like the quotations today. but i love the image of a sizzling steak more, gutom na ako.

going back to credit, i have a friend whose FICO score was 810 before he left california for an extended phils vacation. when he returned, it plummeted to 480. identity theft is the culprit...ingatz...they can't emphasize it enough, run credit rpt regularly... anywayz, enough for my blah blah..take care


ev said...

parang nagutom ako bigla sa cookies!hehe!

hmmm.... talking bout "utang" seems like wala na yatang tao ngayon na alang utang..hehe.

Mari said...

nini, yup, sizzling steak makes me hungry again.

Oh my gosh! You're right we have to check our credit report every now and then. Hope your friend was able to straighten that one out.

Thanks for your comment.

ev, nakakagutom nga pag nakikinita ko rin ang cookies. Imagination is funny, it makes me hungry. LOL

Kung wala ka raw utang hindi maganda ang credit mo. LOL

Thanks for your visit.

cat said...

I also don't take the message seriously but I do enjoy reading it. The igoogle has an animated fortune cookie, and the cookie really looks like a real fortune cookie, hehehe. I like it, I always have it on my front page and crack it open every now and then. I think the way fortune cookies work is that they say something so vague that it could be anything.

Hmmm, do you think the credit is the splinter? hahaha

Cat said...

and oh, belated happy father's day to the fathers in your life! :)

Mari said...

cat, oh, the igoogle? I'll check that one out.

The splinter as credit...LOL...that's really funny. That's payback.

I will extend the belated greeting.


Anonymous said...

pilya! ;)... the komikera in you! my credit (whatever that is) is always piling up. he he he
almost every Friday my family order out, yesterday we went for Chinese, here's what my fortune says, "No matter what your past has been, you have a spotless future." wow, i'm interested to know how to do that? he he he ... but they are fun!


vk said...

fortune cookies....mahilig din kami ni kim nito, punta kami sa asia store, bili ng isang pkg....yon...contest kami to open the cookie....or in chinese rest,....
pero ewan ko kung totoo ba or hindi...only for fun n debit...pwede ba bayaran na lang ng
kung wlang na

thnks for sharing, mari....

vk said...

ay oo nga, maraming, maraming salamat sa mga thoughtful comments sa blog ko ha?-----thank you.

ay oo nga about kim. ay huwag muna,,,saka na...heheheh
maybe, maseselos ako pag meron na

bye and regards

Mari said...

nancy, too serious a story gets add a little humour. But sometimes, I think, people take it seriously. :-[

"No matter what your past has been, you have a spotless future." Your future is spotless haven't been there. Makes sense? Hi hi hi ;-b

Thanks for your visit.

vk, oh, you and Kim must be having fun cracking open the cookies. Good for both of you...enjoy her while she's still with you.

Don't take what the cookies say seriously, you might get addicted to it. LOL

Yeah, you're right, you might get jealous that her attention is towards someone else already. But...such is life. At one time we have to let go. Right? Enjoy her, she's a sweet girl.

Have a great weekend.

vk said...

hello mari,

"At one time we have to let go. Right? Enjoy her, she's a sweet girl."

thanks for this,,,,pero sa totoo, takot na ako, that is why i do all my time with kim, we go together, talks, shopping, mostly, everything, i let her as my baby, ayaw ni bernie, but i do it....ayaw nya baka daw ma-dependent ang bata....but i do it, kasi takot ako...baka sila na 2 ni sascha....
sascha is now, independent, may GF na, iba talaga ang lalaki...ewan ko maybe, when kim birth, most of my time sa kanya, and maybe sascha is already feeling short, hindi ko masayado na enjoy ang baby days ni sascha, and i am sad of it....
but he is nice and near to me, pero hindi kagaya namin ni kim.....or iba ang lalaki?

basta takot lang ako, baka time comes na they will say, they like to have their own....or they want to live in their own flat....
ok lang kung malapit lang sa amin, kung malayo.....ay ewan ko ba....

but i would accept this, time will come, we let them go....

thanks again......vk