Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just Playing

I haven't done much lately. The oil painting I've started about this time last year is still unfinished. And while I was working on it about 2 weeks ago, I thought I'd start another one while the other older one is drying. Well, now I think I like the last painting I'm working on. So, today I worked on it again, abandoning the older one. Hah! I love the way it's turning out. This painting is again flowers. I did two paintings of red hibiscus (gumamela) which is a very common color. Again this one is hibiscus but it's yellow-orange with violet and crimson. I took the picture of this flower when my art class had a field trip at the Descanso Gardens sometime in 2005. I go for originality nowadays. If I paint it's something that I took a picture of not copied from postcards, magazines and other paintings. I want to be more creative...if I can. LOL

Since I bought a small pack of markers--10 or 12 colors--I started sketching, loving it as I run the tips on paper; as colors explode, mingle and take shape. I did another small drawing of trees and whatever I could think of putting on paper...just what comes to my mind. This one below is a combination of watercolor (for sky) and markers.

8 1/2" x 11" PAPER
Click on photo to enlarge.


vk said...

Wow, wow, wowwwww

How nice you’re painting today....ang ganda talaga.....parang totoo...

ang galing mo talaga, you have a great nature talent and creative.....galing ka talaga.

I look the website you share….the flowers bloom in a month….

Can make also, weddings at descanso garden….
Very romantic siguro ano?

Siguro ang ganda ng garden ano?..

In summer we plan only to visit some parks, castle, palace and gardens here in the near us.
We don't plan to have a long and far vacation….

Thank you very much for sharing, Mari, thank you…..-.--

vk said...

By the way, thanks for your comments at my blog.
The foods I cooked, that was my last 47th bday last Jan,
My visitors were my in-laws only…..I cooked always,
Every my bday only spring rolls and behon-rice noodles.
These are only their wish…..

Hope someday you can tour here in our country, and visit some of the beautiful
Gardens, castles and palace…….

Have nice weekdays…..

Nini said...

hey lady M, no matter what medium you use, your painting speaks!

are markers easy to correct when there are oops???


Mari said...

vk, I was only playing with my markers. I enjoy doing that. Hindi naman magaling...just learning how to do it...I'm not a professional artist.

I'm glad you enjoyed your virtual trip to Descanso Gardens. Yeah, the garden is very nice...lots of flowers and trees of different varieties.

When you visit castles and parks, take pictures of them so we can see them also. If they have a website, so much the better, we can make a virtual tour.

Ah, so, those foods you cook are for your birthday. Good.

I would like to make a trip to Germany. My art teacher and some of my other classmates went to Germany in 2004, but that was also the year my husband and I had the Black Sea cruise. Maybe someday off to Germany we go.

Thanks for your visit and have a nice weekend.

nini, my paintings speak gibberish. LOL...LOL

Markers are like watercolors...paint over it and the color changes...can't cover it.

Thanks for your visit.

tina said...

wow... seems like youre really liking the latest painting you are working on. i like the painting you just showed us...

cant wait to see the latest one you are working on..

oh.. im not sure if the ballpen is THAT big but.. so far it's the biggest ive sen. ill prolly take a picture of it someday.. hehe. i collect ballpens, pencils, and notebooks. hehehhe

SexyMom said...

that's wonderful, a work of art. this is one art that i do not have any inclination for. no matter what i do, i cannot even make a decent sketch. that is why i always admire people who can paint. yours is a God given talent.

sasha said...

Ang galing naman ng painting! Naiinggit talaga ako sa mga katulad mong artists. Kasi ang gandang outlet ng emotions ang painting.

And alam mo may suggestion ako. Meron ka dyang post yung violet sendum flowers (tama ba ito?) na pic mo, ang ganda sigurong painting nun :)

Happy Tuesday, Mari!

Mari said...

tina, either I'm excited about this one I just started or I just got tired of the old unfinished one. he he he

Soon as I finish this new one I'm going to post it here.

OMG, I also collect pens, some mechanical pencils, some notepads and sketch pads. I'll take pictures of my pens and post it here.

Thanks for visiting.

sexymom, my friend, nini said the same thing, that she can't even draw a decent line, but look at her now. She discovered lately that she can paint, and she had done some beautiful paintings of flowers. I think anyone can do it, with practice and a little bit of patience.

Thanks for your nice comment.

sasha, wow, salamat naman sa iyong puri sa aking kunting nagawa.

Paborito mo bang kulay yung violet? Tignan ko uli yung pic at masubukan.

Thanks, that's Tuesday in advance. Have a good Tuesday, yourself.

Thanks all for your visit and nice comments.

krystyna said...

Soo beautiful. Realy love your painting!!!

ann said...

Nagpaint dati yung anak ko, oil painting. Inabot ng ilang days di pa rin dry. Matagal ba talaga yun ma dry?

ev said...

wow!i damire your talent in painting!you haVE a great one here.. Just how i wish i have the same talent Mari, but to my dismay, I dont have the talent in drawing..;(

congrats!keep it up!yah its good and even feels great to have originality in the work of Art.

ev said...

abstract lang yata kaya kong gawin!hehe!

Mari said...

krystyna, thanks, I'm glad you liked my painting...and thanks for your visit.

ann, matagal matuyo talaga ang oil paint. Hindi na ba siya nagpe-paint?

Salamat sa bisita mo.

ev, did you ever try it? If you haven't you'll never know. Go for the abstract, if that's what you can do...then gradually try other styles. I haven't developed my own style yet, hopefully, I will in the future.

Thanks all for visiting my blog and for the nice comments.

cat said...

really nice Mari :)

An art style that I can't do well, so I stop trying, hehehe. But I always agree that painting is one the best ways to show your thoughts and feelings without really having to say anything.

Mari said...

cat, true, so true.

Thanks for coming and dropping me a line.

ev said...

I haven't tried the abstract painting but i will one day when i've more time to contemplate at the same time..hehe!i have to feel what i am doing di ba,para mas may life kahit abstract..hehe!

Mari said...

ev, you're right. You have to plan your layout before you start painting, and you need time to do all the preparations. The background of this painting I'm working on was not planned well. I think I'll have to change it. I don't like it...oh, well, I'll just cover it up. LOL

Thanks for visiting.

MM Del Rosario said...

hi mari,

very nice painting, i wish i have that talent too. . I also like your hibiscus painting. well done.


Anonymous said...

dudette, this is a good one! and a free hand at that!... foreground and background, perfect! ... another keepsake.


Mari said...

mm del rosario, thanks for the nice compliment. I like your pictures so much they are very colorful. I wonder if I could link you?

Thanks again.

nancy, a new play thing for me--markers. But you know I can't seem to do the sky with it, so I used watercolor.

Thanks for the nice compliment.

Dennis said...

You're very talented mari...keep on painting...i love your garden (reminds me of Monet!),landscapes and seascapes...

Mari said...

dennis, thank you. And thanks for sharing your pictures, it's one way for us who hasn't been home for a while to see a glimpse of it, even just in pictures.

kneeko said...

eyyy mari.. this one is nice... hahaha original work na ba hehe

i'm still in Phils... ikot ikot muna.. i'll be posting my travel from May-June 2007 hehe of course with pictures..

take care

Mari said...

kneeko, laro lang yan...yes, in a way it's original. Sige, enjoy the old place; your family, friends and the food, and when you get tired of all that, blog again and post all your pictures.

Thanks for the nice compliment.