Friday, September 21, 2007

Into each life...

"Into each life some rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary."
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I was sailing...whistling, happy, not a care in the world. The gentle ocean breeze was caressing me; the fishes in the sea swimming along, as I sailed lazily. Life was good. Oh, pitty day, as Lady Cess would say. Then out of the blue skies loomed dark clouds. The sea turned choppy; tossed me and my boat up and down, side to side with the heave of the swells and the waves. With it went my tummy, upset as ever. It tumbled and grumbled and I ran to the nearest loo. The wind and rain came. I began to have the shakes; and at times I walked like a zombie; ate tasteless food, and didn't know where to go or who to turn to. Quietly I yelled for help. Someone heard me...someone from the shore tossed me a buoy, a small lifeline. It was help, it was hope.

The rain turned to drizzle and the wind to a gentle breeze. Soon it was calm again. My tummy, however, would churn each time the storm would come to my mind. The trips to the loo have somehow become infrequent...which was a relief.

Days have gone since then. However, there are still dark clouds hovering above, but sail I must go.

"Hey, wake up! You're having a nightmare."



lady c ess said...

uy special mention ako :)

ang galing mo talaga. bow! do you write and/or draw, i mean by profession? were you a writer slash artist for your school paper in college? have you joined lit contests, won any awards? did you join workshops, like the ones being offered in up and silliman?

Michelle said...

I'd love to cross-link with ya. Sorry about not having a profile, I never put one up...
Happy drawings!

Mari said...

lady cess,
He he...galing daw. Tenk yow!

The answer to all your questions is: NO. Except the drawing part. I draw/design; have a degree in architecture. That's all.

Thanks for your very flattering comment.

Mari said...

Linked you up already.


razzy said...

nice one... galing.. may nabasa ako dati na post mo, old post kung di ako nagkakamali na sabi mo hindi ka naman magaling magsulat... hmmmm, i doubt!! :)

magaling magaling magaling... :) musta? aha, online ka..

Pepe said...

Mari, okay na sana pero panaginip lang pala ha-ha....! Have a wonderful weekend to you....! =D

Anonymous said...

hmmmm ... what else can i say, i echo lady cess's comment. you ARE very talented, my friend!


ev said...

nice post mari..this is very realistic..and life is like that.

i like your drawings..such a wonderful representation.

Mari said...

Nakakatsamba kung minsan. Tumatama yung mga tenses, saka mga syntax daw...whatever that means.

Online? Why didn't you say hi? LOL.

Thanks much for the nice comment.

Mari said...

One of the nightmares in my life. LOL

Thanks and have a great weekend yourself.

Mari said...

Of course, I know who you are...dudette. LOL

Pinagtulungan ako...I might as well say...ah, err...okay.

How's it going there in NY? Getting snow already?

Thanks for your visit.

Yes, we go through stormy weathers in our lives.

Thanks for your comment.

nini said...

mari, nice drawings and getting poetic again!

how about a book in the future, eh...


Mari said...

I'm glad you liked my toy boat. You know how it is when you get poetic. ;-)

Book? No, way...can't do that.

Thanks for the visit.

ghee said...

hello Mari!!musta na gurl?im surprised!!youre drawing and blogging them!!wow!!what a talent!really nice!

btw,im back na rin,di na nakatiis,haha!i hope all is well with you and thank you for the visits!!

Mari said...

Heeey! What a surprise. I'm glad you are back in the blogosphere orbit.

Yup, better draw 'em than copy 'em, else I'd be thrown with copyright infringement.

Welcome back to blogging!!

tutubi said...

you should become a storyteller...or a creative writer...

drawing is something i can't do :(

Michel McNinch said...

Good to see a new post.

Vicki said...

wow ang ganda naman ng narration saka as usual, ganda ang drawing mo, clear talaga sa sabi mo....

i like it very much, ganda talaga pati story-poem, akala ko poem....

hi mari, kumusta na kayo, sorry ngayon lang ako, bc talaga, daming drs. appointment, pro at least ok na at pause na daw....

thanks for all your comments leave sa blog ko,...thank you.
nakatuwa nga yon present ng sister ko, tawa ako ng tawa pag nakita ko.....

ay oo nga, pareho pala tayo, i like italian foods too, kahit na anong klase or the way they cooked it....gusto ko ang taste nila,...baka magka meet tayo, kain tayo sa italian rest. ok?

o ano na dyan, init pa rin?...dito, wala na, autumn na talaga. kailangan ng jacket na talaga....

alis kami this sat. up to thurs. dito lang sa europa...we will go in Aachen one of the old city here, tapos malapit na lang sa Holland n belgium, kaya mag-wandering na lang kami.

sigi po, maraming slamat sa dalaw at messages ha?

ingat ka rin dyan, mabuti hindi na masayadong mainit least maka bake ka

bye and have a nice day....enjoy it.....

regards n hugs

tina said...

wow wow... nice composition! this is one good thing about you and your blog.. you incorporate drawing and writing! nice nice... :P

sail on!

Mari said...

I can...maybe a storyteller, but not a creative writer...the latter is hard.

Thanks for your nice comment.

michel mcninch,
Thanks for your visit.

Naku, sarap yan, pasyal kayo ni Bernie. Kuha ka ng mga litrato saka i-post mo.

Hindi na masyadong mainit ngayon...lumamig ng kunti, tapos uminit ng kunti, pero bukas yata ay lalamig naman. Tuloy-tuloy na sigurong malamig hanggang winter. Salamat naman at ng makapag-bake ng cake o bread/pie.

Salamat sa iyong comment, at dalaw dito.

Enjoy your trip.

Thanks for your very nice comment.

Come sail with me... LOL

Pepe said...

Have a wonderful weekend Mari....! Sana naman sa weekend na to ay may maisipan akong gawin, puro lang kasi ako tulog at katamaran for the past weekends he-he....! =D

kneeko said...

ayos ah hahahaha... dapat title ng post mo ay "dream boat" hehehe

galing mo!

Mari said...

Hey, buti naman at napasyal ka. Musta na?

Yeah, dreamboat na binagyo. Ha ha ha

Thanks for the visit.

ghee said...

Hi Mari,

Hows your weekend?I hope you had a blast out there :)

take care always,

ann said...

Hello Mari! Mukhang may bago ka na namang drawing na ginagawa.

Mari said...

Hindi nga ako makabuo...ewan ba. LOL Isip-isip...he he he

Salamat naman at napasyal ka.

Mari said...

Heeey, how are you? I had a great weekend. Hope you had a good one, too.

Thanks for the visit.

Pepe said...

Hello Mari....! Sumama ako ulit sa banka mo he-he....! =D

Mari said...

Ha ha ha ha...baka gusto mong sumama sa aking mamalengke. LOL Bibili ako ng isdang uulamin.

Salamat sa dalaw mo.