Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stop and Smell the...

...roses? Hold on! This rose is by the wayside and I know that people walk their dogs here. And everyone knows that dogs do their business here, out here. Oh, you know what I mean by business...they poop and pee.

And what is this rose doing here? It should be there in a yard, out there in a well cared for place, where it's watered regularly; where it's beauty can be admired by all. Here it gets nothing but dust, and dogs' businesses.

Now, if I smell this rose, what's going to happen? Would it make this dark clouds above me disappear? Would it bring me tons of money? Or would I just smell pee? Ack!!! Forget it, I am not going to do it...unless, of course, I'd get that tons of money. That...I'm sure will get rid of this gray puff of clouds above me. :-p

I better get going. I bought sardines at the fish store and I'm rushing to have it for lunch. Yes, it's fresh sardines. I love fresh sardines. I grill it, bake it or fry it, and it's umm, umm good.

They were caught in the sea. They can be canned, grilled, baked or fried. Umm, sarap, nagutom tuloy ako. They can be dried or smoked (tinapa) as well. Sardines are our tunsoy in Tagalog. Each time, however that we go to our neighborhood sari-sari store to buy "sardinas" Leung or Akong would give us the canned one. I love the canned Tomi brand that is in oil with a bit of red chili and a tiny slice of carrots in it. Umm...lalo akong ginutom.

I have to go back to that rose. I got this fortune cookie from the last time I had lunch at a Thai restaurant, and it said:

"It's okay to slow down and smell the roses. "



tina said...

How fitting to get that message from a fortune cookie.. hehe. I just ate sardines!!! how fittinG!

nini said...

me thinks a rose and sardines would be lovely on my table tonight. lol, i miss fried sardines and sweet and sour pickled shredded radish. my mom adds onions and tomatoes to it and boy, a plateful of rice. yum, yum, gutom na ko dito.


Mari said...

Yeah, there are times we get a cookie with the right saying...fits like a glove.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

A rose, sardines and wine. LOL Make sure though that the rose is free of Fido' He he he Just kidding. Sardines are one of my favorite fishes, and anyway it's done, I love it.

Your mom's recipe seems great, I should try it next time I have sardines.

Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

sardines? yummy! here in upstate NY, most seafoods are either frozen or canned. i just bought a jar of sardines & herring by dsf? product daw ng Philippines, preho sila ng Tomi ... goes well with rice. buti na lang tapos na akong mag-dinner. lol

Hi Nini? ... 'musta na?


ghee said...

really admiring post,Mari!I love roses,and yes,they should be in a warm,with nice ambience place :)
i love the drawing,too!

and yes,fav ko yang sardines mo,masarap din yan sa sushi,my hubby was surprised nga nung first time na malaman nyang fav ko yan,di kasi sya kumakain,sensitive sa tinik mostly ang japanese kaya mas gusto nila ay salmon or yellow fin fishes.

btw,i got you tagged Mari!sorry and thanx in advance!!


Mari said...

Hey, Nanz, buti napasyal ka dito. Yup, it's yummy anyway it's done...fried, grilled, baked or canned.

Thanks for your visit, dudette.

Mari said...

Sarap nga talaga ang sardines. Salmon and other bigger fishes have less bones, that's why they are preferred for making sushi. Yung tinik naman ng sardines ay malambot, kaya di naman makakatinik sa lalamunan. He he he

Okay, let's see what the tag is all about.

Thanks for your nice comment.

ev said...

naloka ako sa rose in the midst of poops and pees...haha!in fairness ang galing ng conceptualization Mari..i love your drawing talaga!such a talent..keep it burning gurl!

ang sardines na alam ko lang eh yung nasa can..haha!i've learned something new here..


Mari said...

Sardines come fresh, as well. LOL Not to be mistaken with herring...another small fish.

Thank you for the compliment. (bow)

tutubi said...

sarap nga nyan sardinas na fresh :)

Roselle said...

Hi Mari! Thanks for the visit and comment. Love your paintings. Wish I was gifted like you :) Care to exchange links?

vk said...

hi mari,

grabe naman itong sabi mo, sa Sardines.....hmhmhmhm
favo ko rin ito, kahit paano pagluto, nagugutom na lang ako dito.....

Rose, oo here too, kung mamasyal, gusto ko sana or we to smell the rose or any flowers at the way or pathway, ay huwag na lang, kasi yon baka yon aso or anybody spit it or the dogs, through their water or

like in the forest too, hindi ba maraming mga wild beeren?....ang sarap tikman, pick some to make for marmalade or jam..........ay huwag na lang, baka mahilo pa tayo...

ay SARDINAssssss, maka tingin nga sa storeroom baka meron akong can na sardines....makakain nga....

thnks for sharing ha?

Mari said...

Masarap nga, kahit anong luto. Hmmm...ginutom na naman ako. LOL

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Art is something we can see and admire, however, there are other talents that we can't put our fingers on, and you maybe have that. You probably don't see it, or don't realize you have it. ;-)

I have linked you already.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Di naman siguro gagawin ng aso yun sa rose baka masabit sa tinik ang kanyang singit. He he he...joke lang yun.

Naku sana pinost ko rin yung litrato ng luto ng 'sardines' at talagang napakasarap tignan. Baka magutom ka lalo. LOL

O, sige, salamat sa dalaw mo. Till next time, friend.

ghee said...

Happy weekend,Mari!

Hope you have a very relaxing one :)


Michelle said...

i'm a little jealous at how fresh that fish looks... okay I'm a lot jealous! I wont describe how bad the fish markets are here... at least someone's enjoying fresh fish!

Have a good weekend.

Dennis said...

Mari!! hahaha so you really like sardines huh! I'm beginning to like it too, both frsh or canned. Thanks for the photo, that's the first time that I saw sardines uncanned with head and tails.
And what a lovely essay on the rose you're not only an artist but a writer as well...:)

Mari said...

Oh, geez, sorry to hear about the fish in your area. Come over here and we'll have fresh ones at the fish market in Redondo Beach.

Have a great weekend.

Mari said...

He he he...I got the proof. Ha ha ha They are really good...malasa.

Thanks for the nice comment (bow).