Saturday, December 01, 2007

It Was Raining and It Was Cold

This is the temperature reading in my patio.

When I woke up yesterday morning it was raining and cold. A 50 deg. F (10 deg. C) for others may not be that cold, but it is to me. So, I wrapped myself with layers of clothes and a sweat shirt and went downstairs to have breakfast. It was close to 9 already. (I'm not an early riser. )

It was wet out there and my plants got a good dousing of water.

The rain would let up a bit and then would drizzle again. The ground was wet, of course, and it was good for the plants. I have a plant in the patio that needed watering yesterday, but I never got to water it. It was nearly close to death...I think. The branches were about to drop on the ground. Now, it's watered by the rain and it's doing very well. It's now a happy plant.

As I looked out to the backyard I see mist hovering amongst the trees and ground cover on the slope.'s a somewhat wintry scene. Out on the front of the house, south east side, I can see very little of the hill beyond. It was mostly covered by fog...thick fog. On the west side I can see the bright red-orange glow of the sun as it sets. At this time of year the sun goes down at about 5 PM.

I made dinner early so I can bundle up and watch TV.

The mist creeping slowly as it covered the valley.

The bright red-orange glow of the sunset.


Today we have a bright and sunny day. It is so clear we can see forever. Hmmm...I feel like singing that song.



Nance said...

gosh, mari! what a panoramic scenery you have! must be nice to wake up every morning being greeted by sunrise...and/or sunset! :)
our temp. here in NY today is 23F so it's really brrrrrrrrr!

Mari said...

I live up the hill and when it's windy...we are blown away. That's the minus of it; the plus, however, is the view.
OMG, that is too cold for me, I would freeze there. I'll take my 50F anytime. LOL

Thanks for your visit.

Nance said...

our house is on a hill too so i know what you mean about being blown away. when it's windy, our furnace has to work harder to heat the house.
somehow, your body will acclimate, when it's 50F here, kids wear shorts!... they call it indian summer. hmmm i wonder why? :)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


kawawa naman sa plants mo...mabuti na lang umulan....jokes only.

9am, oh, i think that is still early...ako pag wlang pasok or appoint....hanggang na-feel ko na gutom na ako....11am?...the right time to stand-up.

ay 10°...warm pa ito...hehheeh
ganda ng patio mo, nice having a breakfast here....

wow ang ganda ng pics, mo dito....nice snap....
kasing pareha sa kang Ann, kahit nandoon lang sila sa rooftop, ganda ang view-kuha nya sa pics......

again, a million thanks for sharing....

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Hello Mari,

Happy 1st Advent to you n hubby.
The first candle is traditionally the candle of Expectation or Hope .

happy sunday there.........

nini said...

just beautiful!!!! the pictures stirred the "corny" in me. thanks for sharing these pics.

The heaven comes and ocean falls
rinses the mighty hills
the leaves of dreams
some folding down....


Mari said...

Some people can take 50F without even shivering, but not me. I will get sick. I will never acclimatize my body...unless it's 80F. LOL Sabi nga ni Mick, "80F giniginaw ka pa." LOL

Mari said...

11 am ang bangon mo? Ay sarap ang buhay mo.

Hindi pa nga malamig masyado ang 10C deg. pero sa akin, naku, giginawin kaagad ako.

Hmm...tignan ko nga ang kay Ann na pictures. Ganda nga siguro.

Thanks for the first Advent.

Have a good week.

Mari said...

I'm glad my pictures inspired you to write a poem.


Pepe said...

Alam mo Mari, how i wish na nagii-snow dito sa sydney.... Akala ko kasi nun may snow sa australia yun pala sa ibang bahagi lang hindi sa lahat ng lugar.... Sometimes we travel up the alpine regions naman kaya lang napakalayo....! =D

Alam mo hindi maintindihan ang panahon ngayon....! Dito dapat ay summer na pero minsan malamig pa rin....! At least dyan malamig siguro pag-christmas ano....? =D

ann said...

Papalamig na rin dito sa amin, uso na naman ang sakit .Wala nga lang kaming snow...buti na lang...hehehe. mahina rin ako sa lamig.

Elween said...

not an early riser? i guess you must be a late sleeper

such lovely morning is good to take a stroll around. if only i am living in such environment. not like here, always being chased by stray dogs.

i am officially back into the blogosphere, exam's over and it's a great relief!:)

Mari said...

Napunta ka pala sa parteng 2 lang ang seasons: rainy at dry. Sa southern part yung 4 seasons, di ba? Para ka na ring nasa Pinas niyan...iba nga lang ang environment mo.

Dito sa California ang snow ay nasa itaas ng bundok madalas.

Mari said...

Oo nga buti na lang din walang snow dito sa amin. Mahirap magpala niyan sa driveway. LOL Marami ring nagkakasakit dito. Nag-flu shot na ako, para siguradong di matrangkaso.

Mari said...

You guessed right, I'm a late sleeper.

Yup, it's a great time to take a walk and breathe the smog...err, fresh air. LOL

Welcome back to the blogosphere.

Mari said...

To all,

Thanks for your visit.


kneeko said...

ganda ng mga shots mo ah... ginaw na nga rin sa aking ang 10 deg C... dito umaabot na rin ng 12degC pag umaga..

ghee said...

Hello Mari,
sorry for the late visit.

great scenes and you captured them well!the sunset and the fog,but yeah,it looks so cold talaga ano?

pareho tayo,im not a morning type of a woman din,staying up late to blog kasi,i wake once to take care of my daughters,and if theyre gone,sleeping time again,hehe,unless i have to work early :)

take care always dear!

Nance said...

we're having over a foot of snow today!... school was canceled, so kids will be out making snowman instead! lol
let's have snowball fight

Ebb Tide said...

Enjoyed looking at those beautiful views from your backyard. I have no rambling about the rain and cold weather. In fact, we needed it so badly. The cold weather is most welcome too. My activity and outing have been limited due to a lingering bad cold. I missed going outside but it's also comfortable to be home in my warm sweater and sock.

lady cess said...

what a lovely neighborhood. i would love to wake up before the sun rises and see that same view (early riser naman ako).

nag-iisip ako bakit parang ang aliwalas ng view. and then i realized, walang mga kable ng kuryente at telepono, hahaha!

Mari said...

Pasado ba ang shots ko? LOL Not as good as yours, though.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Hi. Kung puwede lang sanang tulog at kain na lang ano? But that won't be good for our health and our pockets. LOL

It was nice and sunny today. Out there I didn't need a sweater or jacket at all. But it will come back.

Malamig na rin pala diyan.

Have a great day.

Mari said...

Yeah, I've seen on the weather report that you're having a snow storm. Yehey, time to make a snowman.

Thanks again for the visit.

Mari said...

Those are views from my front yard. You're right, we needed the rain, my plants needed the rain. It got a good dousing and now it's a happy plants. And the air seems clean. He he...I wonder if it really is.

Sorry about your cold. Get well soon so you can go back to your painting.

See you later.

tina of said...

wow.. nice view and of course the pictures are just lovely.

i love rainy days.... :) brrrr...

Mari said...

Yey, thanks for dropping by.

Have a good day.

ghee said...

Hi Mari,

wishing you a very
Happy weekend!

Pepe said...

Good weekend Mari....! Brrrr....! Malamig rin dito kahit na summer....! Ewan ko kung bakit ganun....! Sabi sa new dala daw to ng La Nina....! Remember my entry about hail storm, ganun dito ngayon.... They said, rain will stay until april which is autumn na naman....! Whew....! Pano kaya ako magsasampay ng mga laundry ko nito hanggang april....? =D

ghee said...

Hello Mari,

How was your weekend?I came by to say you have a xmas tag ;)

pls check it later if you find time.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Hello Mari,
Have a wonderful 2nd Advent there, hope you have a nice weather there.

dito sa amin, malamig pa, ulan-wet pa.....nakatamad talagang lumabas.

sigi, have a nice 2nd advent.....

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ay oo nga, this week na lang sarap ng buhay ko,....hindi na ako si Rayna,
tapos na.....

i worked yesterday, cause my boss-wife, bday nya last friday, and she pleased me if i can worked kasi hindi siya papasok sa store.
i do it, with kim.........thanks everything is ok lang.

next week, works na ako, kaya ito, wala na yon wake-up ng 11am....heheheh
tapos na ang

sigi, mari, have a nice weekdays ahead......

malapit na ang pasko ano?
for me, excuse ako dyan.
nakalimutan ko pa yon k-bahay ko, bday nya kahapon, 83 yrs. old....nakahihiya, kasi laging yon nag congrats sa akin....
nakalimutan ko talaga...
baka bukas, after work makabili ng something for her.

bye n thnaks again........

razzy said...

naku, kung ako, hindi ko na maabutan ang sunrise, dahil hindi ako morning person, napipilitan na lang dahil maaga ang time sa work.. nice pictures... lamigin din ako, kaya malamang kung ganito rin dito ang klima, patong patong ang damit ko at laging me panyo, kase sisipunin ako... :)

Mari said...

lady cess,
Naku, di ko maintindihan kung bakit ang comment mo ay hindi pumunta sa aking email, kundi sa moderation box ng blog ko. I'm sorry I didn't know that until I signed in last night.

Yeah, great sunrise. At one time I woke up really early and I could see the sun peeping between trees and took a great shot of it.

Oo, ang mga kable ng telepono at kuryente ay underground. And today I was sorting some pictures I took in Manila when I went home in 2002 and I noticed the electrical lines criss-crossing everywhere. It does ruin the view.

Thanks for your comment.

Mari said...

Naku, talaga? We have what they call here crazy California weather. At times it gets hot during winter...which is crazy.

Okay, thanks. Will do the tag.

Mabuti malakas ka na at puwede ng magtrabaho. But take it easy, don't lift heavy stuff yet.

Thanks for your visit.

Mari said...

Naku, pareho tayo. LOL Libra ka siguro.

Thanks for your visit.

sasha said...

Very lovely view, Mari! Ganda ng paligid nyo dyan! :) 10deg C, malamig na nga talaga yan! Lalo na kung dito sa Pinas.


Mari said...

Yeah, it's been this cold since the last few weeks.

Thanks for dropping by.