Thursday, December 13, 2007

Meme the Third

The face behind the blog.


It's getting cooler nowadays. Winter is fast approaching and so is the coming New Year. No resolutions for me to make, as I know I'll never do any of them. Oh, maybe, a couple of weeks, then I'd gradually forget the whole thing on, oh, I forgot I was supposed to wake up early today. But, we all know that old habits are hard to break.

Having said that, let me move on to the matter at hand--the assignment handed to me by Nona many moons ago. Why a meme? Who knows? I'm not the so important person that I would have a memoirs. So how many pages would there be if I really write one. Probably about 40 pages or less and in pocket book size, and that would cover from my birth till today.

Now on with the meme.

1st step:
Post a short blog article that includes a photograph, or a series of photos showing the face behind your blog. If you already showed a photo somewhere on your site, such as in your profile, then make your post more interesting and choose a photo that’s not currently online.

2nd step:
Include links to other people that have displayed photos, or include their photos in your post, adding a reference.

3rd step:
Tag as many others as you like to spread the meme.

And now the face...


I'm hardworking when I get to it; and would be rolling full steam ahead once I get started. A caring, loving wife and mother of 2. Can't be bothered with frills when dressed; likes simple things; less is more - but more money is not bad at all, if I can get a hold of more, of course. Can be a great friend; trustworthy; and helpful. Don't like show-offs; arrogant people; braggarts; hypocrites and the like.

Who to tag? I don't know anyone who hasn't pasted their photos. I know two friends, but for sure they would not do it; they would go into hiding; or pretend they never read this. Har har har. So, I'd leave it to anybody who is willing to put on their blogs their glamour shots, or unglamour shots.



razzy said...

ooopppsss... bat nadawit ang pangalan ko dito?? ahehehe.. Thanks sa tag.. :). im scrolling up and down, trying to create the full photo of you on my memry..hahahahaha.. ganon ba talaga dapat?? hehehe

Nance said...

what a smiling face you have, Mari! ... just what i thought! lol

lady cess said...

hi mari. glad to know more about you. i wish you didnt have to cut the photos though :D acknowledged ang tag. i did this before but i'll do it again.

nini said...

lol, where's the other half?

i gotta go and hide :-)


Mari said...

Nadawit ka kasi kita na ang mukha mo. I was told to list names of bloggers who've already shown their faces. I have now deleted it as it has created confusion.

The other half of me is a mystery. He he he.

Mari said...

I smile only when I'm told to smile. Hi hi hi

lady cess,
If you want to do it that'd be great.


Mari said...

The other half is hiding.

Hey, come back here!!!

tutubi sa tabi-tabi said...

ei! i tagged myself for this face behind the blog thing...for a change even if i don't do memes :P

dragonfly philippines

Photo Cache said...

Its cool up here in NorCal too. For two days in a row, I left the house for work and the temp was 39F. Nice way to complete this meme.

Pepe said...

Goodie weekend Mari....! Nag-post nga ng pix pero naka-instalment naman ha-ha....! Ako hindi pa ready na magpakita at baka masindak ang buong mundo ha-ha....! Have a good one Mari....! =D

Mari said...

Yeah, I've seen your photo with your many aliases. Very nice. LOL

photo cache,
Winter is upon us. But we're still lucky we're not buried in snow like the mid-west.

Ha ha ha...utakan lang, noh? He he he.

Pepe said...

Goodie monday Mari....! All most christmas na, any plans....? I just wish that the rest of this year will be a bit smoother.... =)

Anonymous said...

Finally!Ive been waiting for this!Im really glad to see your all-smile face,Mari!

medyo bitin nga lang at half lang kasi,pero its good to see you talaga :)

Have a great week ahead!tomorrow would be my blogging day again :)


tina said...

yay! finally i saw the face behind the blog... hehehe. :) have a great day!

Mari said...

Yup, a few more days and Christmas is here. Nope, no grand plans this year.

Let's wish for a much better year, this 2008.

Mari said...

I'm glad you liked my half me. The other half got lost and it's somewhere in cyberspace. LOL

Mari said...

The half me says, "Thank you for dropping by."

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hello Mari, wow, ikaw ito?
at last nakita ko na ang face mo.
lagi ko na lang naimagine yon face mo.
remember the red pullover in the ship nga nagtour kayo dito sa europe?

back mo lang ang nakita n imagine na lang ako sa mukha mo, basta feeling ko mabait ka.

Thanks for sharing your pics ha?

ganda mo and smile face pa....