Friday, May 30, 2008

To meme or not to meme?

My meme.

I have so many in mind to post, however, I can't seem to pick the best one to do at this time. I can't crank up my brain to do some work, and meme is right here, and a good filler. This one was a tag from Nona.

Here goes:
Memoirs of my 4th year of high school. How much I remember and how much of it I regret.

The section I am in.
There were only 2 classes in my 4th year of high school: the morning class and the evening class. The lower years have more sections. Since I am not a morning person, I took the evening class. Another reason for it is that maybe I could find a part time job during the day, like some of my classmates.

My seatmates.
I was seated in the front row, on the left side facing the board. On my left was cousin Jess, and on my right was Claudia.

My English teacher.

Her name was Miss Pagulayan. Years later on I heard she became a principal of the school.

My first class.
English...I think.

Friends in the lower years.
Yes. Some of them were good friends.

My class schedule.
It was a regular class with not too many extra curricular activities.

My enemies.
None what so ever.

My favorite teacher.
My English teacher, Miss Pagulayan.

Sports I played.
None in school. I played badminton at home; basketball in my back yard; and swam in my backyard.

Was I a party animal?
We would usually have a party in our backyard. When it would be somewhere else, I would go, with my parents' consent; and my cousin Jess was usually my partner/escort.

I was well known in school.
Since it was a small school, it was easy to be well known. I was one of the officers of the student council and did classroom to classroom campaigning; a muse of something on a float; a muse of another thing on a float; and I'm so amused on a float.

Skip classes.
Not in my senior year.

Suspended or expelled?

Can sing the Alma Mater song.
I don't think we ever had one.

My favorite subject.

Went to dance parties.

Where I would go most often for school breaks.
In the campus, or me and my friends would walk to the public market, where some stalls were still open at night, and buy snacks.

On the last day of school.
I hanged out with my classmates and we talked about where we were heading; what school we were going to; what courses we were going to take. We never seemed to realize that after we graduate we would hardly see each other anymore. After graduation the reality set in. We went to different schools, and once in a while we would run into each other.

My best friend in my sophomore year passed away right after graduation. She lived some 4 miles away from my home. Her mother knowing that I was her best friend, let me know of her passing away. During the vigil I was always introduced as her best friend, although, we had not been hanging out with each other when I transferred to evening classes. Jasmin was her name, she was in the morning class. She would wait for me, when I would go to school in the morning for my library work. She was a nice, pretty young girl.

None at all.

Okay, it's done. I am not going to tag anybody. Any one who would like to do this is free to do so.



Photo Cache said...

what a neat meme this is. i would love to do this myself. 4th year high school, what a time of our life.

sasha said...

You made me laugh with the muse, muse and amused. Hehehe

Happy weekend, Mari!

Mari said...

photo cache,
Go for it.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

A little humor to keep it alive. ;-D

Have a good one!

tina said...

hi Ate Mari,

i am amazed you still remember your 4th yr life and the seat mate.. haha. ako kasi.. i never went to a regular class when i was in 4th yr.. and i cant remember the first class.. although i still remember who i was sitting with and where. hehe. :P

oh and about the 23blogs. its a sponsored post po. just to let you know.

all the best!

Nance said...

impressive, mari! very good memory... i can't remember where i sat in my 4th yr, come to think of it, we moved from room to room, depending on what subject was next on our schedule at that time.

Pepe said...

Goodie weekend Mari....! Sorry for not dropping by last weekend.... I was so busy with a lot of things that i forgot to even open my pc at all he-he....! I hope you'are doing well and have a wonderful weekend and week ahead....! =D

Mari said...

My memory is sharp. he he Oh, I still remember who my crushes were. But I thumb my nose at them now. They had the looks, but not the brains. LOL...just kidding.

I remember you said you were home schooled.

Thanks for the drop.

Mari said...

I have a photographic memory. There are times I don't like to remember things, but it's there clear as daylight.

Oh, you're in one of those classes where you go to the teacher's room.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

I know you have a lot going on down there. Take it easy and don't stress yourself too much.

Have a good one.

Me, the islands and the world said...

your meme is quite cool. I like it. Can i snag?

Mari said...

me, the isles &...,
Go ahead, steal it. LOL

Thanks for the drop.

Points of View said...

ang sarap mag-reminisce! nice tag..

have a blessed day Mari!;0)

Mari said...

points of view,

Yup, at times it's good to reminisce about our days in high school; about the days of our youth.

Thanks for the visit.

nona said...

Thanks for doing the tag mari, :) ganyan din ako kapag walang maisip ipost...naghahalungkat ng mga tags sa baul. :D
wow, officer of the student council galing naman!

ghee said...

Mari,hardworking student ka pala,thats cool!

I like her name,Miss Pagulayan,LOL!

sorry im late ha?

Mari said...

Marami nga akong utang na meme, di ko lang nagagawa lahat. LOL

Opiser sa student kawnsil kasi maliit na eskuwela. LOL

Hardworking lang nung 4th year. he he he

Okay lang. Salamat naman at dumalaw ka.