Saturday, June 07, 2008

In the backyard

This was my apricot harvest this year. I had more left in the tree, but the birds helped themselves to it. It did not have a lot this year, but they were much bigger and sweeter this time. I planted the tree some 20 years ago, a year after we purchased the property. I love fruit trees and apricot is just one of them.

And here on a shell 'parol' a hummingbird refurbished an old nest which was used by another, or maybe the same hummingbird. The bird is now incubating the 2 pea-sized eggs it has laid.

Last year there were 2 eggs in that same nest, but another creature attacked it and ate the eggs which left the mother bird mourning for her loss. Hopefully, this time, it will be out of reach of a predator.

This hummingbird is so aloft. Every time I step in the patio it takes off. But there was a time, when I was watering my plants it hovered around me, checking me out perhaps. I could hear the wings whirring. It came as close as 4 ft., staring at me. That was the closest it got. But I could never get that close to its nest. The nest is about 12 feet away from the pigeon's nest/basket.

From my kitchen window I could see the bird come and go to its nest, and it's a delight to watch it.


lady cess said...

the apricots look yummy!

you must be a fairy godmother for these birds =)

Nance said...

Apricot! one of my favorite fruit! they are still not in season here in the east coast but when they do, I buy them by the bushel.

I have a recipe somewhere for a sweetened water that hummingbirds love. they even land on your finger if you dip it in that mixture. I'll email it to you when i find it.

looks like the birds are claiming your parol too? :)

Pepe said...

I love apricots too Mari, i always visit my aunt's backyard during apricot seasons, she's got a backyard full of fruit trees but sometimes the rosellas gets there first before i do ha-ha....! They'are like childrens and cup cakes you know, they take a bite of each one and spoiling it for everyone he-he....! =D

Mari said...

lady cess,
I must be. And God sent me these birds to poop on my patio. LOL I welcome them just the same, I enjoy having them around.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

My apricot tree bears fruit earlier than some others.

Okay, look for that recipe. Quick!!! LOL I should make a hummingbird feeder and hang it in my pergola.

Yeah, the hummie have claimed my year round parol. I never take it out of my patio.


Mari said...

You're right. My fruits are eaten by birds, and they just take a wee bite and leave it.

Thanks for the visit.

Points of View said...

wow!natakam ako sa apricots!hehe

i've noticed that birds do love to build their nest near your yard. sure they know that you'll take care of them.;0)

Ann said...

Dapat siguro magpalagay na lang ako ng basket sa terrace ko sa pinas kasi paboritong gawing nest ng mga ibon yung daanan ng tubig sa yero kaya laging barado pag umuulan.

Photo Cache said...

If I just live near you, I would invite myself to your backyard. Birdwatching and eating, yummy activities.

Mari said...

ev (points of view)

Yeah, I do take care of them. I make sure they are out of reach of prowlers. The hummingbirds are now hatched. They made it.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Oo nga. Maglagay ka ng basket sa malapit din ng pugad nila. Baka naman di nila puntahan. LOL

Mari said...

photo cache,
You're so welcome. I would have company watching them. It's fun to watch the hummingbird mom feeding her chicks now.

Gina said...

Hummingbirds are so tiny and so fast that the few times i've seen them, they were just a little 'whirrrr' in my vision.

What a nice little loft that shell parol is.

So the birds are getting their share of the bounty..Lucky them =)

nini said...

missy, sorry, i've been so behind again. i love apricots! and it's probably one of the great reasons our bird friends flock to your garden.

Mari said...

Okay, as long as you make up for your tardiness. LOL

Yes, they come to feast on my fruits. They help me eat them all up.


ghee said...

wow!you really are blessed with nature!fruit trees in your backyard,thats so cool!sa pinas ko lang yata naranasan mamitas ng fruits sa backyard,long way ago,LOL>

and very lovely humming bird,ang ganda ng bahay,parol!

more blessings to come,Mari ;)


Mari said...

Yeah, they are tiny, but their wings are fast.

They have reused that parol many times already.

Thanks for the visit.

Ilang beses na nilang ginamit yang parol, kaya di ko inaalis. Nakakatuwa sila.

Have a great day!