Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top of the world...

Sunday night my husband and I were watching the second game of the NBA finals when it was apparent that the team we were rooting for was losing. It was the third quarter and the L. A. Lakers have a deficit of 20 points behind the Boston Celtics. We were getting disappointed. My husband started flicking the remote from channel to channel. We thought we would rather watch another show...something to enjoy. Then he remembered the set of Journey album I just purchased earlier. It has 2 cds of their old and new songs; and a dvd of their recent Las Vegas Concert. He put the dvd on play; we sat back, relaxed and watched.

The album.

In this album our own Arnel Pineda was introduced as the new lead singer of the group, the Journey. By this time everyone knows the cinderella story of Arnel; how he landed the coveted part in a legendary group; and his life as a struggling singer back home, the Philippines. For Arnel it must have been like a dream; like a story from a book, or something from a G movie.

The Journey with Pineda in the foreground.

As we sat watching the concert, we were amazed at how energetic Arnel was; his showmanship was at par with other singers; and his voice was great. His transition from high to low was so smooth. I've heard of how he's being compared to the past vocalist of the group. It is to be expected. And others have mentioned his accent. I couldn't detect any. That could be because, I have an accent myself. But then there are other singers out there whose accents are very evident even in their songs. Take for instance Andrea Bocelli. He's an Italian tenor, and when he sings some English lines the accent is there; Sarah Brightman's Italian lyrics shows her American English accent, and there are others still, like the late Pavarotti and Julio Iglesias. Of course, we all have accents when speaking a language not our own.

This is my first time to really listen to all the songs of the group. The truth is I never heard of them before, though some of their songs sound familiar to me. I like most especially their latest one - After All These Years. Arnel sings this one tenderly, passionately.

Click here to listen --->After All These Years

I wish him more success in the coming years.


Gina said... latest blog is about the group (kind of ), altho' I haven't published it yet pending hubby's confirmation of the title of his fave Journey song =)

I've seen some latest videos with Arnel P. doing the vocals, I couldn't detect any accent either. All I hear is his powerful and soulful rendition of the songs. Could be because I have an accent too. ( I know I do altho' I can speak the Queen's language as well as the rest of 'em, hehehe)

Nance said...

I think Arnel brought back Journey's popularity. Journey was a quiet group for a while and now their concerts/cd's/dvd's are selling like pancakes again! Mabuhay si Arnel!

nona said...

I agree he's a great singer...our very own Arnel Pineda. Ang galing galing niya ano?
mabuti na lang pala may pang-aliw kayo sa pagkatalo ng Lakers...hehe.Go cavaliers! nang-asar?
*back to akoni na uli*

JeannieTheDreamer said...

You know what?

First of all I'm real sorry for the loss of LA Lakers last night :(

And. My husband bought me the album of Journey too, and we haven't even watched the DVD. I guess we could do that tonight. THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME, YOU'RE AN ANGEL.

And guess what, he bought us tickets to their concert in OH. Ang sweet. Excited ako...

Did you watch the CBS morning special or whatever Sunday morning show two weeks ago? Journey and Arnel were interviewed. It's on youtube. I never knew he ended up homeless at some point.

Nance said...

ohhhh, i love Wanda. can i babysit her? she'll keep my angie company. (my angel fish) :)

nini said...

GO ARNEL! GO JOURNEY!!! A cinderella story!!

Thanks for featuring him.

Mari said...

"They" are the ones who have the accent. LOL


Mari said...

Yes, he brought our people with him, and that made the group popular again. You know, I never even heard of them before. I must've been out there in the boondocks during their heydays. he he he


Mari said...

Oo, nga. Naaliw kami ni Arnel.

I know you're a fan of LeBron James. I wonder if they, the Cavs, got to the play offs. I'm an Angeleno, so, GO LAKERS! LOL Pagnatalo sila bukas, Linggo, champion na ang Boston Celtics. Oh, well.


Mari said...

Darn!!! They lost!

Yey, good you got to watch them on dvd. Great concert.

Yes, I've seen that interview on YouTube. Arnel tried to hold back his tears when he talked about his life as a homeless boy. I was holding back tears, myself.

OH, BOY! You got tickets for the concert. Let us know how it turned out. I think, there will be a photo op and auto signing after the concert.

Have fun!

Mari said...

Yes, Wanda you can baby sit.
For lunch don't forget,
To cook your pinakbet,
But don't fry my fish pet.
he he he

Mari said...

Where have you been?
To UK to visit the queen? LOL

I'm proud of him, as any Pinoy would.

You're welcome...and thanks for the visit.

tutubi philippines said...

i'm one of those who're fortunate to know arnel from way back his local gig scene. it's my friend who reminded me that he's the new journey frontman

Sexy Mom said...

Filipinos are really soaring to new heights, and i am proud!

ev said...

Life would probably be so boring without music.

Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy Talents!

Have a blessed Sunday to you Mari!;0)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

cause with our love,there´s nohing left to fear....√°fter all the years....

hi mari,
thanks sa reply ha?
someday, by your next plan here.

i have to wrk-wholeday, wla ang amo ko, kaya i have to wrk-wholeday habang wala cya.

thanks for sharing your post, ang ganda ng vedio-song nya....after all the years........


ay oo nga, Europe-Master sa football dito ngayon....bukas play ang germany vs Austria.....
hope they win....talo kasi sila last time sa croatian.

Pepe said...

Journey is one of my favorite group too because they are part of the 80's.... I think i have about 400 selected songs of the 80's and 90's in my collections and they are all fantastic....! Eagles, boston, berlin, barry manilow,el debarge, etc.... You name it, i got it ha-ha....! Thanks for sharing Mari....! =D

nini said...

I'm back missy, your subject is my favorite mucho.

I've seen his first successful concert (planet hlywd) in the US and we're going to see again on July 18th. This time though, Journey is touring with 2 other bands. I guess, my advice to everyone is don't miss the opportunity to see J's concert. He is hot right now and there are many Steve Perry loyal fans who are now rooting for him.

Mari said...

Good for you you've known him then. It was in jmom's blog that I learned about it.

Mari said...

sexy mom,
Yes, I agree.

Mari said...

We'd just tap tap along in a dance party with no music. LOL


You have a blessed one, as well.

Mari said...

Oo, sa ibang araw siguro magkikita rin tayo.

Ang galing niyang kumanta. If you want to see more of his video, go to YouTube, type Journey and you'll see all of them there.

Sa Europe magaleng sila sa soccer, at nag-aaway pa sa championship. LOL Para silang mga bata.

The Lakers won today. Yehey.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Oh, wow, you got quite a collection there. You know, I've seen old pictures of the journey, and they all had long hair then. LOL Now they are older, their haircuts are short. It's only Arnel who's got a long one.

Did you know that the group Boston got a new lead singer? And he worked for Home Depot, a hardware/lumber store. He was also discovered on YouTube.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

You're always welcome here, you know?

Lucky you, you've seen his concert and you're still going to see it again. Why not? I'll check Journey's home site and see if there is one close by.

I'm guessing that Arnel is younger than Steve Perry, so he brings new blood to the group; and he brings with him his people...the Filipinos. His presence will re-energize the group and the fans.

Thanks for dropping by.

Ann said...

Kahapon lang topic namin ni hubby si arnel pineda, comparing his voice to the previous vocalist.

Galing talaga ng pinoy!

Mari said...

Siya ang malaking balita sa ating mga Pinoy. Magaleng siya talaga.

Salamat sa comment.

ghee said...

we dont watch basketball that much here,we are into baseball kasi but its good to watch the play together with your hb. :)

i havent known them nga!but yes,you are right,Arnel sounds like a foreigner,he has the style and he sings so passionately.

thanks for sharing,Mari!

Sexy Mom said...

am proud am proud! filipinos are soaring high. indeed arnel pineda's journey is a cinderella story--many filipinos must really be inspired.

Mari said...

sexy mom,
Yes. He blazed a trail for other hopeful talents out there.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

I know, baseball is a popular sport in Japan. Some of the Japanese players are imported here in the US. There was one named Nomo (not sure of the spelling/name) who pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Yeah, Arnel is good. Thanks to the internet he made it to the biggies.

Thanks for the drop.

tina said...

di ko pa narinig ang grupo na yan.. but ill try. hehe. :) have a great day always.

everyone's talking about Lakers and Celtics. Oh well. hehe.

Mari said...

My guess is they came on the scene before your time. They have regrouped and resurfaced with Arnel's vocals.

Yeah, I'm disappointed that Lakers lost. Oh, well. Let the Celtics have the trophy this time.

Thanks for dropping by.

nini said...

hey missy, is arnel's drawing in the works? hehe ... make a video out of it and post on youtube - sige, lagi ako don:-)

just visiting...

Mari said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but it's not Arnel. This one had a wild hairdo. LOL

Sexy Mom said...

i too wish him much much luck!he makes us proud, di ba?

you know what? in my travels the past 15 years, filipinos were really known for their singing prowess. almost in any country, there are filipino bands, and they have lots of fans, mind you, esp in 5 star hotels.