Sunday, May 03, 2009

Manny Pacquiao...

Manny Pacquiao one of THE TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World, in its May 11, 2009 issue. These include Sen. Edward Kennedy, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, Saudi Minister Norah al-Faiz, French Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy, Ted Turner, Philanthropist, Actor-Philanthropist Brad Pitt, Musician John Legend, Capt. Richard Phillips, Physician and Sociologist Nicholas Christakis, and many more shakers and movers; scientists and thinkers; artists and entertainers; and heroes and icons.

Boxing is not the sport I watch, so I have no way of knowing his prowess in the ring. All I know is that Manny Pacquiao's name reverberates in the sports world. Now I leave it to the pros and quote here from Time Magazine.

Manny Pacquiao
By Lennox Lewis

Pound for pound, Manny Pacquiao is the best boxer in the world. But even more important than holding that distinction, Manny has connected with the people of his home country, the Philippines, to the point where he's almost like a god. The people have rallied behind him and feel like they're a part of him, because they can see his talent, his dedication, his grace and his class. The grip he holds over the Philippines is similar to Nelson Mandela's influence in South Africa. I can surely see Manny becoming the Philippine President one day.

In fact, he already ran for Congress in the Philippines but lost, in part because voters thought he could do more for the country as an inspirational champion boxer. I agree with the Filipino people. Manny, 30, already has a true global reach, and his influence will only expand as he gets better. Manny is from the Muhammad Ali school. He's a boxer, a puncher and a mover — a champion in four weight divisions. He doesn't stand there and take shots. He throws that wicked jab and is so quick to dodge trouble.

Boxing needs a guy like Manny. Too often, when something positive develops, the sport takes two steps backward; you never know where the black eye is going to come from. With Manny, you don't have to worry about that. He just loves the sport and knows he's carrying the hopes of his country in the ring.

Lewis, the former world heavyweight champion, is a boxing commentator for HBO Sports

Fast Fact:
Pacquiao is the first athlete the Philippine Postal Corp. has honored with his own stamp.


Nona said...

Congrats to Pambansang kamao!
Wala akong pinalampas na laban ni Pacman, ang galing niya talaga. Lahat ng kalabang mayabang tiklop hehe.
What now Mayweather? hehe...

Hi mari, mo pala eto :D

Mari said...

Naks, napakyaw ka pala ni Pacquiao. LOL Galing pala niya talaga. Wala pa akong napanood na laban niya. Buti ka pa.

Salamat sa comment.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hello Mari,

ok-ok na kaunti.....thanks.

i visited Ebie, kasama ko sa Bisdakgroup....

i was happy, that she is also from dumaguete....may kababayan ako sa group namin.....
imagine, hindi ko alam na taga dumaguete city.

And i saw your name too, sa personal site nya.

friends are everyhwere.......

regards, balik-balik na lang ako dito,

have a nice monday to you and family.

luna miranda said...

i was out of town on Sunday and was buying pasalubong in Tayabas when the 2nd round started. Nakinood muna ako sa TV ng may-ari ng tindahan---kasama ng sangkatutak na kalalakihan.:D

like you, i'm not very fond of boxing. but in my family, everybody loves Manny Pacquiao...especially my mom. hawak nya ang remote control pag si Manny ang nasa TV kaya no choice.:D

Photo Cache said...

I dont really watch boxing, but I do follow what's going on with Manny's fights.

I would love to have a few pieces of that Manny stamps.

Ebie said...

Mari, ang galing mo naman sa sketches mo. Oops, nakita ko yung comment ni VK, taga Dumaguete din siya. Oy, ang dami kong kilalang mga bloggers dito, ah. e fav na kita. Salamat sa pag bisita.

Mari said...

Mabuti okey ka na ng kunti. Matagal yan. Oo nga si Ebie ay taga Dumaguete rin. Nakita nga kita duon sa blog niya.

Take care.

Mari said...

Every Pinoy here loves Manny. When we hear that he won, we're happy for him. But here in my house, we don't bother watching the bout. We didn't even know who won till late Sunday night when I searched in the internet. But, of course, we're proud of him.

Hooray for Manny! Hooray for your mom! *smile*

Mari said...

photo cache,
That's an idea. Manny stamps...scan, enlarge and frame. LOL

Thanks. I rushed that sketch and the essay.

Oo, si Vicki taga Dumaguete nga. She's nice; very friendly.

REDLAN said...

Talagang ang facial expression ni Manny, ready to fight talaga.

Pacey said...

And one of the richest man... Very well done Mari. You are an artist, really.

Sandy said...

Glad you put up some new art! Great drawing and enjoyed the post.

ev said...

Congrats to Manny!that day made our city zero crime rate..sabi nila pati mga kriminal time out muna para manuod.:)

Nance said...

Mabuhay si Pacman! lol
you did a good job sketching him, mari! pakyaw na pakyaw!

dodong flores said...

Manny Pacquiao is unstoppable!

This is a very nice sketch of him...

Ebie said...

Victory party niya dito sa LA! But was not invited.

Raine said...

I think this most recent victory has been his best yet, since he won it within two rounds. But maybe Hatton was just weaker than Pacman's previous opponents. Then again, even with 6 straight victories already, we are always worried about his upcoming fights.

ann said...

Just finished watching "team manny pacquio" special sa pinoytv.

Happy mother's day!!!

Mari said...

He's always ready.


Rush job. Haven't done much art lately.

Thieves took a time out? LOL

Thanks. It took me about half an hour.

Mari said...

Pacquiao is in his prime and well trained.

I know his gym is somewhere down in the San Fernando Valley.
You should've sneaked in. LOL

Yeah, we always worry when a new fight is coming.

May special pa pala, ha? Galeng naman, noh.

Mari said...

Thanks all for your visit and for taking the time to make a comment.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I'm so proud with Pacquiao! He's really amazing. I agree, too, that he should not run for congress because he can best perform as an inspiration to Filipino sports.

backpacking philippines said...

traffic's crawling here due to a his motorcade...pacquiao as president is a disaster :(

Mari said...

Yup, I agree with you.

Mari said...

For president already? NOOOOOO!!!! Not even for congress nor senate. You're right. It will be a disaster.

Sidney said...

I don't normally watch boxing matches ( I find this an inhuman & medieval sport) but I do an exception for Manny Pacquiao ! :-)