Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just rambling along

My so called art has gone that away; it's been there for quite a while now though. I am peeling my skin to something else, and I am now a rambling soul. Like a nut case, I would be rambling about nothing; talking to myself; and to the freeway. I would at times include some rough sketches here to go with my subject. My header, a painting from an old black and white photo of my old house where I lived from age 4 till I left the country, would be replaced by something else. At this point, I don't know what it would be.

The past few days nothing has happened, nothing exciting; mostly mundane, day to day routine. However, what's exciting to me might not be to other folks. Like for instance the seeds of some of my vegetable plants have started breaking out from the ground and that has gotten me excited. My husband has urged me to plant veggies in the backyard, and I did. He said that it would help control the weeds. Probably just his excuse, so he won't have to deal with them.

I have planted vegetables years before, but have not done it for quite sometime now. My bones have been attacked by lazinitis (my word for indolence). Indolence sounds too harsh for me. :-D Too harsh, or I'm in denial.

The economy is still in bad shape and I need all the help I can get. With a little tender loving care from me, I'll be able to supplement what little I have from my backyard. It is still days before I can harvest the fruits of my labor, but at this point I'm happy to see my plants get bigger and stronger.

Long beans, or sitaw in Tagalog.

Green beans. This is known in the Philippines as Baguio beans.

Lemon grass. A friend gave me this. I haven't used this in any of my cooking, but I'll try it this time.

Jalapeno pepper. This one took a long time to germinate. I thought it would never come out.
It's so tiny the weeds are bigger than it.

Kabocha squash.



Sweet potatoes


Whoaaa! Lotus. Not mine. Nope...nope...nope. Would I be planting veggies if I own one of these? Nuts! I'd be driving this all over town the whole day. I saw it along one of our streets, and it happened to stop by our car and I took a shot at it. I rarely see one like this. If I'm not mistaken one of these would cost about $150,000? Aaacckkk! I'd owe my soul to the devil if I buy one like this.

In any event, my eggplants haven't germinated yet. And...and...mumble... ...mumble. I'd better go to bed, it's past 1 AM. I'm bored already.


Gina said...

Way to go , Greenthumb!

Lemon grass--- it's gives tinola a very nice flavor!

catching up on your blog, I've been busy with studies lately.

ghee said...

haha!you got me Mari!i thought that lotus was yours!

its a good idea to plant veggies you know.people here do the same,for ecology and economy sake.some people even use their verandas,and actually harvest their veggies.i was thinking of doing the same,though i started to grow some plants and flowers now,and wow!im surprised that im really enjoying it!today,me and my friends brought some planters,soil,flowers,indoor plant,tall vases,etc!im happy to see your post,hehe.

kabocha squash..,is it a japanese kind?and wow!you have sitaw there?make some adobo sitaw for me,pls?haha

congrats on the new title,rambling soul and a personalized header. :)

Mari said...


Good for you! Learning is a never ending process.

Thanks for the tip and the visit.

Mari said...


Go for it. Plant veggies, it's fun when you harvest some for dinner.

Yes, that is the Japanese kabocha. What I don't have is our ampalaya. I don't have seeds.

Thanks for the visit.

Photo Cache said...

Oh you are a green thumb indeed. I will see if I can have a veggie garden this year. Except that it's too late to start planting now. Okay so may be next year.

Nance said...

he he he, kenkay! love, love your post! ;) made me laugh!
boy, you've been busy, you planted a lot! just let me know when they're ready for the picking, I'll come over and help you eat, i mean, harvest. we used to have a veggie garden too but deer love to come and help i gave up! :(

Eel Wind said...

everyone is struck down by the economy downturn and everyone is struggling to come out of it. Sigh...

Oh I love lemon grass. Aunty Lucy loves it most! :)

Ebie said...

Mari, excluding the lemon grass, pag harvest ka sa mga gulay mo, pwede na pinakbet, hehehe. You are lucky to have a green thumb. Enjoy your week.

Mari said...

Photo Cache,
Yeah, prepare for next year, save your seeds, esp. those hard to find at the nursery.

Thank goodness we don't have deers here.

Come on over and we'll cook pinakbet. LOL

Eel Wind,
It's a global crisis, and hopefully by the end of the year the economy will bottom out.

This will be the time I can try lemon grass.

Oo, puwede ng pinakbet. Kulang ko na lang ay ampalaya.

Thanks all for the visit.

Pacey said...

I'd so love to plant those kinds of vegies if given the chance. I grow different kinds of herbs here too, not the ones that don't easily grow in Phil. I love those eggplants too. Maybe I'll have to buy seeds. You're inpsiring me to do it too. Thanks.

luna miranda said...

you have the whole bahay kubo vegetables in your garden! way to go! i'm grinning like an idiot while reading your post...sounds familiar, except for the green thumb.:D

Mari said...

Yeah, try planting some that are not easy to get. At one time I planted some peas (chicharo) and I had a good harvest. They are very costly here. I'm glad I have inspired you.

Thanks for the visit.

Yup, the bahay kubo veggies. ;-) I love them, and they are not readily available in our area. Have to drive 25 miles away to get them.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sandy said...

ahh, so that is where your banner came from, lovely painting. I enjoyed seeing your veggies. I keep wanting to get a garden going but...drought, winds, summer heat, critters..all deter me from thinking about it. Not that we are having any of these conditions yet except drought and critter, but we get winds a lot...some day I'll get busy and just do veggies in pots.

Joy said...

I'm so jealous you can plant all these wonderful veggies (I have OCD and can't touch soil!). I look forward to when they start 'bearing fruit'.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Have a great weekend! Come back tomorrow for more of Fairhaven!

A Pinay In EnglandYour Love CoachI, Woman

Sidney said...

Your garden look promising... soon you will be able to harvest ! :-)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


serious pa ako, read your post....sabi ko pa, ang sarap, may stringbeans ka, meron kang okra, meron kang zitronen gras, at iba pa.....parang pinas talaga.

pagkita ko sa car mo...ay post mo lang pala...bakit hindi?
dito nga meron clang ang gandang-masayadog mahal na car, nagtapon pa ng basura....heheheh

hindi daw kaya ang helper.....bwaaaaa

pero kaya ang ferrari........ngekkkk

just want to say, have a wonderful Pfingsten.....

regards and hugsssss

miss you..........

ann said...

curious lang ako sa puno ng zucchini, ano hitsura paglaki? parang upo ba?

Mari said...

Veggies in pots would work well. And it's easier as you don't have to work on a big plot.

Thanks for the visit.

Oh, that's sad. Well, you can wear garden gloves so you won't have to touch the soil . That's what I do.

Thanks for the drop.

I'll have fresh veggies for dinner any day of the week. :-)Thanks for the visit.

Ha ha ha...pang gulat ko yung Lotus car. Lol

Have a great day, friend.

Click mo dito ang litrato ng: zuchinni squashSalamat sa bisita.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Greenthumb! I'm not, but I want to.
We have green beans here ,too, but not the same as we have there.
And I miss okra. :)
Have a happy Monday.

Mari said...

I don't know if my thumb is green. All I know is that some of my plants die, and some make it.

Have a great day!