Sunday, May 09, 2010

The hills are alive...

...with poppy flowers. Well, rolling plains, is more like it.

To beat the crowd, hubby and I drove up to Lancaster one Friday morning to see for the first time the California poppies I've been hearing about. Lancaster is 45 miles from my place, and the California Poppy Reserve is another 15 miles from the hub of the city. After exiting freeway 14 we drove through a single lane paved road, and passed an expanse of land without any vegetation, except for a few Joshua trees, some tumbleweeds, and other desert weeds. This place is high desert; windy and extremely cold or hot. Getting closer to the Reserve one can see the wild flowers scattered along the road and beyond. The color of yellow-orange is so vivid I was tempted to stop the car and take a closer look. Some cars have parked on the shoulder to take pictures of the flowers.

This shot was taken a couple of miles before the reserve,
and while the car was running.

(Click image to enlarge.)

Since our destination was the Reserve my husband just kept driving till we reached the place. There is ample parking with fee, of course; restrooms with portable lavatories; picnic tables, and benches along the trails. As usual, it was windy and a bit cold, so I donned my spare light jacket to keep warm; and braced myself from being knocked down or blown away. :-D.

A panoramic view.

Poppies as far as the eye can see.

The California State flower, up close...

...and windblown.

The Old Glory and the California flag flying high.

I took shots of the hilly place, and close-up of the flowers. Then my camera's cover got stuck. And that was the end of my shooting spree. Oh, darn. I think, dust got in it. At any rate, above were some of the shots I took.


Ebie said...

At least you got these beautiful shots! Looks like the flowers are still showing off their beauty. I give credit to our rain. I know it is windy cause the time we visited last month, I only took 2 shots.

ev said...

nice flowers Mari..i honestly haven't such wide area filled with flowers..that's why i really want to visit Baguio City one day.hehe!

the view looks very can really feel at peace.

dodong flores said...

Nice photos. It's a nice reserve... Seguro, ang sarap mag-bike bike diyan... :)

Joy said...

Great shots! I haven't seen orange poppies in person, but they are lovely.

Norwich Daily Photo is back online. Sorry I've been away so long. I look forward to your visit and your comments. See you soon!

Photo Cache said...

I have heard about this place too, but being here up north, visiting it would mean major vacay planning. So pretty. Flowers I believe can cure any ills and the blues.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


ang ganda ng mga flowers..ganda ng view, mari.

nice to travel like this, yon marami tayong makita while driving on the way.

ganda............pasyal mo ako pag nakapunta dyan sa cali ha?

kailan pa kaya.

thanks for sharing your lakbay.

i imagine kasabay ako sa trip nyo.

Nance said...

WOW! absolutely awesome! Are you allowed to pick a few flowers, mari? or maybe a few pods once they've gone to seed? Only HE can make these beauties!

Anonymous said...

those colorful blooms really deserve a post!

Sandy said...

I LOVE wildflowers! These are gorgeous.

dodong flores said...

Hi, Ms. Marie. Just passing by... :)

Mari said...

Thanks all for your visit.

Only 2 shots? :-(

Yes, at peace is right.

Puwedeng mag-bike sa labas ng reserve.

They are truly lovely.
Glad to have you back at blogosphere.

Photo Cache,
Yeah, you have to do some major planning.

LOL Huwag na iyak, tignan na lang litrato. LOL

Picking is a no-no.


Gorgeous, lovely, pretty, and all. LOL

Thanks for the revisit.

And thanks again, all.