Thursday, May 27, 2010

Found keys!

My husband and I take a walk in the evening at the bike path, by the river. It is 2 miles down the hill from where we live. We drive there, park our car and walk at the pedestrian lane alongside the bike path. We go eastward for half an hour and back for another half hour.

About 2 weeks ago, on a nice warm early evening we did the same routine. On the way back to our car we saw a sign taped on the drinking fountain's post that said, "If you found keys pls. call 000-000-0000. Tks." A few yards away my husband saw the keys hanging on the latch of the gate that led to the parking lot. He took the keys and handed it to me. I pulled the sign and tried to call the owner, but I didn't get an answer.

The next morning I called the number again and an answering machine turned on and I left a message and my land line phone number. In less than 5 minutes my phone rang and it was the owner. I told him I have his keys and he can come and get it. I gave him the direction to my house.

At 9 AM my door bell rang. He was on the dot. I opened the door and saw a tall man (over 6' in height). He is about 35 - 40 years old with a few gray hair near his temples. Nicely built, kind of like a
Hugh Jackman type.

We did the usual greetings then I handed him his note and his keys. He thanked me profusely, then shook my hand; wished me a nice day and left.

Hey, come back any time! We'll have coffee, tea, or beer, you and me.


Joy said...

I love it when lost items find their owners - with the help of nice people like yourself :D

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. Enjoy a gorgeous weekend!

bing said...

how nice of you, mari! some wouldnt even think of spending time to contact the owner.

Ebie said...

I could see and feel his heart jumping for joy when you left that message.

All is well that ends well.

Enjoy your long weekend, and happy BBQing!

Mari said...

It was smart of the owner to leave a note, otherwise he would not have been reunited with his keys.
Thanks for the visit.

I couldn't have done it without a note. No big deal.
Thanks for dropping by.

That reminds me. I'm going to grill fish this Memorial Day weekend. Have a great weekend, yourself.

docgelo said...

lost and found keys. and who knows you might win a friend in that guy as well. btw, my wife likes hugh jackman a lot-when i enjoyed his fight scenes in x-men series, she just melted as she watched him on screen, LOL.

Photo Cache said...

like a scene lifted from a Sandra Bullock romantic comedy. *kilig*

tina said...

awww.. that's nice. im sure he was very relieved to have you return it. :)
very angel like. :)

Bonnie Bonsai said...

That is so cute. Did you ask him if he is available? lol!

That is very nice of you Mari. One day, that kindness will be returned to you like a boomerang - manifold.

Believe me, I lost my wallet, purse with money; and a folder with personal papers in them during the most crucial time in my life ... astonishingly a Miracle happened because all were returned to me UNTOUCHED!

The good samaritan did not leave identification so there was nobody to thank for except the office whom my belongings were endorsed for safety and claim.

I cried of gratitude and relief.

Good on you and your Hub.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

sus ko dhay.............while reading your post.....natakot ako sa iyo.

mabuti na lang totoo yon sa message............tapos tawag ka pa..........tapos gives your address........

hay naku......meron nangyari ganyan dito............

nirape, mabuti na lang hindi pinatay.

minsan, gusto natin or our intentions is really to help............pero minsan............masama ang isip ko.

pero natakot na ako, dahil sa mga news n makita sa tv news n newspaper.

Praise God.............totoo yon sa

have a nice sunday to you both with your hubby.

we have a wonderful weekend.........lagi nag bikes tour kami ni bernie.......sayang today is his last day sa spring vacation nya........2 weeks free cya...........

his next vacation is august.......Gods will uwi kaming 3---with kim........2 weeks lang sa atin.............ok lang ky sa wala.

ay nasabi ko na ba ito sa iyo?-.....:-)

again, thanks for your visit n comments...........


Ebie said...

Hi Mari, how are you cooling off these days? Sobrang init! No hiking and photo ops for me, stay home and baby sit the kitties.

See you!

Mari said...

I might have won a friend, but he took off as fast as he could. LOL I have never seen any of Hugh Jackman's movies, just his pictures, so I don't know if I would melt like your wife. ;-)

Photo Cache,
Your comment flattered me. ;-)

I'm sure he was relieved. There were 2 house keys and a car key.

You are so fortunate. Very few people would do what this good Samaritan did.

Naku, ang mga tao talaga, ano? Nasa bahay naman si mr. at yung may-ari ng susi ay mukhang ma-respeto. Ang tawag pa sa akin ay, "ma'am." LOL

Thanks all for the comment.

dodong flores said...

It's a good deed to be followed, Ms. Mari. I hope more finders will be doing the same thing...
Here in the Philippines, it's "finder's keeper :(