Monday, June 14, 2010

I have sinned

Do I feel guilty? NO! Of course not.

Eating something I have not had for quite sometime, and something that would make my diet out of wack was a guilty pleasure. It was not one of those very special kind of food, and in actually, it was but a simple easy to prepare pancake.

What's left of the 2 thick 7-inch dia. pancakes.

My husband and I took an early morning walk last Saturday, and instead of driving back home after, we drove to Denny's Restaurant, a 24-hour eatery, and had breakfast there. I ordered 2 pancakes and coffee. I slathered the butter and poured the syrup over my pancakes and ate it, savoring every morsel. was heavenly. I know that the butter would clog my arteries, and the sugary syrup would feed those little creepy crawly cells inside of me, and attack me later on. But life is getting shorter to not enjoy it.

I will end up in a pine box anyway, but I will have enjoyed life and I'll have a fun ride. WOO HOO!


Ebie said...

Pancakes are one of my not-guilty pleasures! They are so delicious, and yes, that sugar treat!

Photo Cache said...


i was toying with the idea of visiting denny's for only the second time. i remember i took out my nephew years ago for burgers there.

i haven't had pancakes in a while too.

dodong flores said...

I haven't had pancake for a while but if I'll get a chance, I'd like to treat my wife one lovely morning at Tropical Hut...

Joy said...

Hahaha. You betcha! Enjoy life's little pleasures - especially food. I missed having pancakes at Pancake House while in Manila. There were just too many good things to eat.

Sorry for my absence - as I was back home in Manila for two weeks.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. Have a great start to your week!

Mari said...

Thanks all for the comments.

Suffer not.
Eat those sweet whatnots.
But on daily basis not.

Photo Cache,
My first time there I had something like a Mexican food. Their salsa was the bottled kind...ngek.

Well, have your pancake now.

Go! It's a good treat for the wifey.

Oh, yes, have all the good treats in Manila...our fruits, bibingkas, and other foods that are not easy to get where you are.

Have your pancake in Norway.

I think, our blogger friend Nance is still back there.

Thanks all for the visit..

ann said...

Hi Mari! I tasted those small bibingkas (bibingkinitas) sold at SM mall. The best talaga!

Mari said...

Matagal pa siguro bago ako makatikim niyang bibingkinitas. Di pa kasi ako makakauwi ng mga ilang taon.

Salamat sa bisita.

backpacking philippines said...

guilty pleasures...for me the only sin i commit is when i eat little...or my indulgence in artery-clogging food that i know will take a toll on me someday...this i practice in moderation

tina said...

pancakes are loveee!! its nice to enjoy sinful food delights now and then. =)

Mari said...

True. We should enjoy them, but in moderation.

Nance said...

I'm back!!! Just got back Tuesday evening and slept all day Wednesday. I feel much better now. lol
I had a GREAT time! I'll email you the details.
Pancake is one of my fave breakfast too, we usually go to IHOP (Int'l House of Pancake)and indulge. Yum!

Mari said...

Moderation is always the key to better health.
Thanks for the visit.

Welcome back! You must've had a grand time back home.
Thanks for dropping by.