Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Rarely do we get snow in our part of Southern California. Most of the time they are found in higher places, like Mount Baldy, or Big Bear. The last time we had snow was some 20 years ago.

In any event, snow started falling here on Jan. 2nd, in the early afternoon. It continued on until night time. After midnight the snow on the pavements melted and by morning we had a few scattered around on unpaved ground; and on plants, bushes and grass.

View of the front yard.

The houses across my street covered with snow.

In the front by the driveway.

In the back yard.


Photo Cache said...

that's fantastic. we had sprinkling of white here january or february of 2010, in my backyard.

Nance said...

what happened to global warming? lol
it's a nice feeling to see snow...i just don't like it when roads become icy and tricky to drive.
here in upstate New York, we get a lot of those. ♥

Nona said...

Aw...after 20 years? Tagal na pala. I love to see the snow but hate walking with it. Too much snow here and a lot of car accidents. Nice view from your house Mari, parang napaka-presko.
Mag FB ka na rin hehe, you'll have fun everyday tayo magkikita lol! :))
Btw, huli man daw at magaling...huli pa rin, happy new year!

bing said...

hello. for one who has not experienced and seen snow in her life, this looks fantastic. but in the news where heavy snow are affecting everything, i think i'm going to die! ha ha di ako matibay sa lamig!

Ebb Tide said...

Hi Mari,
I am glad ur blogging again. I like ur post. Luckily, we were in Valencia that day. What a very beautiful & wonderful sight! We just got back from a family Christmas-New Year's Day get-away from Carmel, Ca. We spent overnight in Valencia. What a surprising snow show!

King4tech said...


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Inday said...

Wow Mari! I seem to be seeing lots of snow in your country. Love the pix.

docgelo said...

hi mari, it's been a while since my last visit here, sorry. anyway, the chillin' effect of those snow radiates to my screen! for someone who's in a tropical city like penang, i am green with envy. haha!

Nona said...

Happy Valentines Mari...I'm a little late but still late hehe. Hope you had a great one! ;)

tina said...

wow! thats something! snow after 20 years!

Happy New Year!! (too late a greeting.. but we are still on the first quarter pa naman eh! hehe)

Sandy said...

Nice pics...I remember that snow storm.