Thursday, March 24, 2011

Across the oceans.

Your voice crossed the Pacific,

So overjoyed to hear.

Glad to know you care;

And still remember

Your online buddy

Among so many.


nini said...

yey, extremely glad to hear your voice again, missy. and you still have the rhymes. thank you so much! i hope to resume blogging soon. take care and have fun there.


ev said...

simple thought yet deep Mari.:)

speed on!been a while, take care

Mari said...


Good if you can resume blogging. We'll be back like old days, and Nance can join the fun.

Remember my other string with Len, DC, Wander and the rest? One passed on a couple of years ago. It was that mischevious guy, Edgargbb.

Thanks for the visit.


Mari said...

Thanks Ev.

Inday said...

Now, that is the voice of Mari.
Great that you have finally crossed the Pacific down under! Great one Mari!