Friday, December 09, 2005

Getting Better....

I've been feeling much better, my back pain have diminished since Wednesday. I noticed that when I'm up and about; busy puttering around the house: preparing dinner, cleaning and doing other household chores I don't feel so much pain. The Icy Hot helped ease it away in just a couple of days. It seemed to be more effective than Salonpas, the other one I used the first time I had back pain.

Our house guests went down south to San Diego via Amtrak to meet other relatives; and they are to go to Sea World and have another exciting day there. Yesterday they were at Universal Studios; they got home tired, but it was evident they had fun, especially the 7-year-old boy who went right to sleep; he didn't even have dinner anymore.

They have quite a schedule: Monday, the 5th - was a trip to Disneyland; the next day to California Adventures; Wednesday - to Hollywood and down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So in a span of a few days they would have covered most of the attractions here in Southern California.

We are full house when they are here, and I enjoy their company. It's the first time I've met my husband's cousin and niece and I've bonded with them instantly. The two boys are well-behaved. Matthew, the 9-year old, help set up the table; he's a good helper.

At this time, late afternoon, it's so quiet here at home. They'll be back late Sunday afternoon and then head north to Oakland the next day, Monday.

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