Saturday, December 10, 2005

Just Around the Corner

Christmas is fast approaching, and I haven't done any all. Christmas tree? Ha! I don't know. I would perhaps do the same thing--decorate my wall with Christmas decorations and trimmings in the shape of a tree. I've done it for 3 consecutive Christmases and no one has complained. The only problem with that is my wall is getting a beating with staple wire holes. And presents won't be under this tree, for the simple reason that there's no under, since it's not a tree at all. What should I call it then? A faux Christmas tree? There's faux finish (for walls); faux fur coat, so faux Christmas tree would be appropriate.

Sometimes I feel like I wouldn't want to celebrate Christmas anymore. Then at the last minute I run to a store and grab presents for my family and friends. I design cards for far away friends and relatives, but I haven't the time to sit down and do it. And sometimes the idea doesn't come to me until...the last minute. I wonder why it usually comes at the last minute. Strange...sometimes I sit and nothing comes--my light bulb does not turn on. Perhaps, I need more fuel,, to crank my brain and turn on the light.

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