Friday, October 19, 2007

Street Art

On the last Saturday of the month of September, my husband and I headed once more to Redondo Beach, about 30 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Before reaching the place, however, we made a side trip at Manhattan Beach, which is north of Redondo Beach, to check out the latest stuff they have at a computer place. The truth is, this is the main purpose of our trip down south, to browse the computer show. My husband bought some gadgets and other electronic stuff that I don't know what they were for. When we were done, we headed down to Redondo Beach where we'll have our lunch and take a leisurely walk at the pier and the board walk.

We usually have lunch at a Korean restaurant, right on the pier, and our regular fare there is their hot and spicy fish soup. It is so spicy it feels like smoke is coming out of my nostrils, eyes and ears. But I just love it.

As usual there were people fishing along the railing of the pier. On this day, however, there's something that people were gawking at. It's this English artist who's been doing his three dimensional street paintings. Julian Beever has been all over the world painting on pavements and his work has been featured on TV, on the internet, in newspapers and magazines. It is a treat to see him in person and at work on one of his famous paintings.

(click on image to enlarge)
Sign on the pier concrete floor.

View of painting at its lower end.

The artist at work on the edge of the painting.

The painting has to be viewed at a certain angle to make it appear three dimensional.

(click on image to enlarge)

The three dimensional view.

See some of his artworks here (click here).


Street Painting

"Street Painting" is the activity of rendering artistic designs on pavements such as streets, sidewalks and town squares, by using impermanent materials.

The here.



ghee said...

OMG!yes,Marie,I have seen some of his works on TV and his 3D drawings are all magnificent!youre so lucky youve seen him in person and you saw his skill :)

how can i moitvate my girl to be a painter ba?haha!wala akong talen pagdating sa ganyan,motivation nga ba or she should be gifted like you? ;)

happy weekend,Dear!


Ebb Tide said...

Hi Mari! Saw this street artist on the newspaper. It's good you were able to see his work in person. I am sure your trip to Redondo Beach was enriched by his artistic show.

kneeko said...

woooww galing ah.... 3Dpainting.. galing.. nakita ko na rin ang ibang paintings niya..

Mari said...

Yeah, we were lucky to see this person.

Motivate her. If she has an eye for it, it will show. Give her encouragement and in time she will improve. Let her waste tons of paper...he he may pay off in time. Yung niece mo na nursing student magaleng siya. Baka diyan nakuha ni Ally yan. But me, not one in my family draws. LOL...ako lang.

Have a nice weekend.

Mari said...

So it was in our local papers. It's not surprising. Yes, you're right. Our trip to Redondo Beach was well worth it.

Thanks for your visit.

Mari said...

Galeng talaga niya, ang ganda pa ng gawa niya.

Salamat sa bisita.

nini said...

mari,you've done this before, i still remember. looks fun.

just got home so this is late night early dawn thing. gosh, gumamelas painting is still fresh and lovely.

Georgia O!


Mari said...

You just got home and that time I was just getting ready for bed. LOL...umaga na rin.

Yeah, I did participate in street painting twice before and it was fun.

Thanks for your comment.

Pepe said...

Alam mo Mari, hate ko rin yan noon na kailangan pang mag-type ng word verifications just to leave a comment....! But ironically now i know why people bother to do that in their blogs....! Kung hindi ko pa mismo na-experience ay hindi pa ako naliwanagan he-he....! =D

Celestine said...

love his paintings... are there other artists doing pavement art as well?

Mari said...

We learn from our experience. Ayoko sanang i-moderate ang comments sa blog ko pero kailangan talaga. Hopefully, that anonymous commenter will stop posting spams.

Have a nice day.

Mari said...

There are only a few who does 3D street art, but there are hundreds who do 2D. I participated a couple of times in our area, and it was really fun.

Thanks for you visit.

tutubi said...

i saw something like that in my email but not the real one.

nona said...

I like his work,he was featured here at CCTV9. Ang galing niya ano? parang gusto ko siyang gayahin kaya lang baka ma-charge ako ng vandalism...hehe.
Mari you've been tag again!check out, I hope 'di ka magalit sa akin hehe...*peace*

Mari said...

Oh, yeah, we see them in emails.

Thanks for the comment.

Galeng niya, no? Naku, baka ka nga ma-charge ng vandalism.

Okey lang Nona, popular ako eh...he he he.

Salamat sa dalaw mo.

ghee said...

wow,you still remember my niece?thanx,nakuha ng nieces ko yun sa father`s side nila at hindi sa ate ko,haha!wala kaming painter yata eh..

thanx for the advice,lagi ngang nakahanda ang mga "compliments" na ibibigay ko kay Ally,at totoo,tons of papers talaga but i really like what she`s doing :)

btw,im looking forward dun sa tag ni Nona sa yo,hehe.

see you later!


ev said...

Wowow!ang galing! i swear it really looks real!

Mari said...

Oo natatandaan ko siya, magaleng siya.

Good that you're letting her do her art. If in the future she takes a different career she will still have that in her...her art, and she can still make use of it. Hindi naman ako kumuha ng fine arts kaya lang gusto ko talaga ang nagdo-drawing. I took architecture instead. Although there's a lot of drawings in it it's done with instruments and more precise. Si Nona alam yan.

Speaking of Nona's tag, is there conspiration re: the tag? LOL Okay lang. When I get the time, I will.

Thanks for the visit.

Galeng nga niya, ano?

Salamat sa bisita.

ann said...

Ang ganda nga! Lalo siguro sa personal.

I thought you're in the Phils nasa US ka pala.

Nance said...

lucky you! how come he was not around when we were at Redondo beach? lol ... did you get his autograph? he he he

Mari said...

Oo, nandito ako sa Southern California. Miss ko ang pistahan sa atin, ang sayahan duon. Malungkot ang Pasko dito, pati Bagong Taon. Hu hu hu

Salamat sa bisita mo.

Mari said...

I am the blessed one. LOL No, I didn't get his autograph.

Thanks for the visit.

Nance said...

i would have paid to see this in person :) oh well ... make me feel good that i was in that same place this summer. oh yes, i caught a fish too ... i'll email you the photo! lol


Mari said...

Yeah, why not? You treaded in the same place he did. You caught a mackerel. Right?

Thanks for the visit.

Nance said...

Yup! ... it was a Mackerel alright! it tasted soooo good too, being fresh and everything! lol
So were you in the film with Julian B? (per posted sign) he he he It's really hard to imagine how he can make a flat surface looks 3D. too bad, it will be hosed down in a few days. it's not like painting on canvas where you can keep it for posterity.

Mari said...

I don't know if I'm in the film, no one was manning the camera that time. But who knows. The artwork will be hosed down, but he'll keep it in film. I have pictures of the ones I did with my classmates before.

Thanks for visiting.