Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Day After

Trick or treating is now over. The kids have all gone home after a night of going from house to house, trying to scare the homeowners. Some were kind of scary, some were cute, some were pretty, and they all come in different ages from toddlers to early teens. They started trickling at my door as early as 6:30 PM and came in droves an hour later. By 8:00 PM they trickled down to a few and I finally locked my front door at 8:45 PM and turned off all lights leading to my front door.

I had 5 pounds of assorted candies to give away...

and in the end I had just a few left.

My back up pack of Hershey's chocolate was left unopened, and it's now all mine. Bwahahahaha!

I think, I should visit my dentist for teeth cleaning soon.



Anonymous said...

Ohhh ... yum, yumm!!! oh well, 'tis the season for candies. lol i heard it on the radio this morning that one day of sweets doesn't hurt your teeth as long as you clean it right after.

...trick or treat!!!


Ebb Tide said...

Belated Happy Haloween! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Like you, we enjoyed the kids trick or treating in their boo-tiful costumes. Had lots of left over candies. Yun Snickers and butterfinger. Want some more?

nini said...

hershey's - saved the best for last lol.

i terribly missed my niece and nephew yesterday as i didn't get to choose their halloween costumes. this was my role for them year after year until the last 2 years.


Mari said...

That's right, clean it right away.

I had a kid neighbor before who on Halloween would always say:
trick or treat
smell my feet
give me something
good to eat.


Mari said...

Left overs? Hmmm...they're good. Let me finish my favorite, Hershey's chocolates, then I'll grab one of yours.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Yeah! The best for last, my favorite. woot woot

You know? That means they are getting older. They want to pick it themselves. :-(

Thanks for the visit.

Photo Cache said...

I have a solitary trick or treater. Over the years the number of kids around the neighborhood has been dwindling. I did not, however, expect it to be one this year. Where have all the kids gone? Now I have to finish a 150-pc bag of goodies.

Mari said...

photo cache,
Oh, my. That's sad. So, this lone child has no playmates? I guess, you have to have all those leftover candies.

Thanks for your visit.

dodong flores said...

Didn't have that here. Only in the mall. So we prepare a few bag of candies in our shop. Lots of kids are coming in. I agree with you - there are kids who look scary, there are who look cute, and there are simply without Halloween costume into which I would joke, "No costume, no candies!" But of course, they were all given...
I hope you're having an joyful Halloween for this year...
By the way, I had you already added into my blogroll. Thank you very much...

ghee said...

haha,lucky you!may natira para sa yo :) i havent experienced yet yung trick or treat sa bahay,I meant yung mga kids na naka costume and make their rounds houses to houses,hindi kasi nila culture yun,and i guess i wont experience it for the rest of my life,haha!

super ganda nung flower painting mo above Mari!

BTW,pls read my update HERE if you find time.
Happy weekend,

ev said...

hmmm..chocolates!!who else can't resist temptation when we talk about chocolates...slurrppp!

Mari said...

dodong flores,
The mall is the safest place for kids there to go trick or treating. This practice has crossed the Pacific, I know we never did this when I was a kid there.

Will link you. Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Japan sticks to its culture, they are not affected by others.

I was thinking of taking pictures of them, the kids, but I can't do that unless I ask the parent/s. Kaya di na lang bale, baka ma-demanda pa ako sa bandang huli. LOL

Oh, you like my painting! Thanks.

Okey, will check out your update.

Mari said...

I've heard only a few people who don't like chocolate, and I wonder why. I feel sorry for them. he he he Let's slurp together. LOL

Thanks for the visit.

Pepe said...

Help Mari! My blog is nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award! Please vote for me at Salamat....! :D I thnik this id their way of dragging traffic into their blog but the race is fun....! =D

Mari said...

Okay, will do.

ann said...

Ang daming chocolates sa supermarket for trick or treat. mabiling-mabili talaga. Ang dami ko ring nabili...hehehe. Ayaw na kasi ng mga kids to go on trick or treating, pang bata lang daw yun.I like the hershey's w/ almonds.

Mari said...

Oo, nga marami sa market ang ngayong tapos na ang Halloween half price na lang sila.

Nakuuu, pang bata na ha? LOL Ako rin gusto ko yung may almond.

Salamat sa bisita.

kneeko said...

hehehehe... hmmmm nasa dentist pa siguro to... sakit pa ngipin mo ano? inbuos ba naman ang 1 pack ng hersheys chocolate hehehehe..

ghee said...

meron pang chocs for me Mari?haha

have a great week ahead.sana adjusted ka na nang husto :)


Mari said...

Namamaga pa ang mga panga ko dahilan sa ngipin ko. Oooo, masakit nga e. LOL

Mari said...

Marami pang chocolate...nilagay ko sa fridge para di lumambot. Share ko yung iba sa yo. Pasyal ka dito at upakan natin.

We have adjusted, and back to normal. Thanks.

You have a great day.

nona said...

sarap niyan, hati tayo Mari.
I miss the treat, never mind the trick hehe...
Belated happy halloooooo.....ween!

Mari said...

Halika rito at paghatian natin. LOL

Thanks for the visit.

nona said...

Mari, sorry...huhu nadelete ko ang mga comments kahapon, pati yung kay Ghee...huhu...kasi 2,800+ ang spam, nang madelete ko nasama yung comments niyo SORRY!!! :(

Pepe said...

Naku Mari, ininggit mo pa kami ha-ha....! Pahingi naman....! =D

Mari said...

Oooh, ganoon ba ang nangyari! Okey lang. Don't worry about it. Sa dami ba naman ng spam na yan ay siyempre malilito ka na nga.


Mari said...

Email ko sa iyo yung kalahati. LOL


vk said...

dami mo naman candies for the kids..
ako di masayadong marami.......

hindi naman maraming

tina said...

i didnt get the chance to drop by your place and say "trick or treat"... hehehe

Mari said...

Maraming bata ngayon dito sa amin, kasi maraming bagong bahay ngayon malapit dito. Buti di ako naubusan.

Thanks for coming.

Well, look who's here. I missed you! I'll drop by your place and see what's going on.

Thanks for dropping by.