Monday, November 05, 2007

Classic movie buff

I was tagged by Ev back in Oct. 17, and finally, I found the time to do it. So here goes the whatchamacallit.

What classic movie am I into?

I wouldn't consider this a classic movie as it was released to the public in 1996 and that would make it fairly new. I would consider classic as an old one of 50 years or more. I wouldn't want to go back that far. I like a movie that is fairly new, althought the English Patient's setting was in the 1940's, it was made 11 years ago.

Poster courtesy of Wikipedia.

This movie was of romance, which is why I like it very much; drama and intrigue. It had won the 1997 American Academy Awards for best picture; best actress in a supporting role; best director and 7 other categories.

Who to tag? Anybody who stumbles on this and wants to do it.

There you go Ev. I am done with my duty.


vk said...

oo nakita ko ito, i think 3 or ewan kona...nakita ko 1x sa movie house, then dito na sa TV....
ang ganda talaga sa story at i like the actress too....

meron pa siyang movie yon, ano ba yon title sa inglish uy....

yon namatay na siya, spread her ash sa place na yon nag met sila ng first time, .........

Photo Cache said...

english patient is very good. it's one of those have-a-box-of-tissues-handy kind of movies.

kneeko said...

drama to ah huhuhuhu...

well, next year i'm going down under then, mother land.. :P

ghee said...

oh,that movie was really old...i wonder what were your answers to get that type of a movie :)

enjoy your wednesday Mari!

ev said...

wow Mari,it's a great movie!love that!teka,recall ko lang kong napanuod koba talaga 'to..

siguro patient ka na tao, kaya English Patient!hehe!but really its a wonderful movie..drama yan tama si kneeko..

Have a great time gurl!

nini said...

if it's a chick flick movie, i'm there :-) my favorites are jerry maguire, pretty woman, sleepless in seattle , etc. jerry maguire, if i'm not mistaken was directed, produced and written by Crowe, can't remember the first name. he wrote these quotes such as " i love you, you complete me, you had me at hello and i could go on and on. luv this rebound movie so i watched it 3 times

good subject, mari.


tina said...

i think its a good movie.. ill add this to my must see movies.. my list is growing long.. wooo...

im back for a week! hehehe.. :) see ya.. i missed your blog!

Elween said...

ha, the classic movie which represents me is Sunset Bulevard. :)

Mari said...

Yeah, ganda nga ng storya pati acting. Gusto ko yung si Kirstin Scott-Thomas na artista...galeng siya.

Mari said...

photo cache,
Yup, it's one of those.

Thanks for the visit.

That's right, it's drama.

Panay ang pasyal mo, ah. Buti ka pa.

Salamat sa bisita mo.

Mari said...

The answers were behind the page. LOL Can't tell you. Ha ha ha

Have a great day.

I am really a patient person...until I get tired or lazy and I'll just drop everything and leave. Forget that (whatever it was).

Thanks for the tag.

Mari said...

You still remember the line? really like the movie then.

Thanks for the comment.

It's a good one, I'm sure you'll like it.

You've been away for a while, I missed you. I'll drop by your blog and see what you have.

Thanks for coming.

Mari said...

I didn't get to see that one. Hmmm...maybe I should rent it and see what or who you are. LOL

Thanks for coming.

Nance said...

Whooaaa, i luv this movie! needed a lot of kleenex, well i'm a softie! lol

ann said...

Asan kaya ako nun bakit di ko yan napanood...hehehe.

Happy weekend Mari!

Mari said...

Prssst, me too. I love movies like this.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Napanood mong di mo pinanonood. he he he

Have a nice weekend.

ladycess said...

my favorite classic movie is gone with the wind and somewhere in time. im afraid i havent seen english patient, di pa ako nakakakita ng dvd :)

Mari said...

Ah, the all time classic "Gone With The Wind." The best movie ever...yata. LOL Hmm, I have not seen "Somewhere in Time." I got to see this one. You will like "The English Patient."

Thanks for dropping by.

sasha said...

Hay, I love that movie too! Gwapo ni Ralph Fiennes (tama ba spelling ko)! Kaya nga love ko si Voldemort sa Harry Potter kasi sya gumanap hehe

And the story... wow! One of my fave movies din talaga :)

Happy Sunday, Mari!

Mari said...

Pogi nga siya, si Ralph Fiennes. Siya pala si Voldemort.

Thanks for dropping by.