Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Burrito and Goose Bumps

On our way back home from a trip down south, my husband and I decided to have a quick lunch before heading for the Street Art Festival. The nearest one on our way was Taco Bell. There I ordered a combo of burrito, nacho with cheese, and soda. My husband had a burito supreme, taco and soda. It was early afternoon, but the heat was already beating hard in the valley. The air conditioned fast food restaurant was a relief for our tired souls.

I was so hungry I finished this burrito in a few seconds.

As I was finishing my lunch, music was coming from the ceiling above the restaurant. One song just ended, and a new one was just beginning with a solo guitar introduction. It was that familiar notes played by Neal Schon, the guitar wizard of the Journey. I stopped to listen, held my hand up to silence my husband from his blabbering. Then came the voice of Arnel Pineda singing After All These Years. My goose bumps arose from their dormant state, running from my arm to my nape. It still seems unbelievable that his voice, this man plucked from Manila, would grace the air waves of Southern California. But there it is for the world to hear, Arnel Pineda, the cinderfella, singing his heart out.

He finished his song. And we talked how lucky he is; how his life has changed since then. Hopefully, he won't be like those young entertainers who were into drugs and alcohol. Maybe not as the older members of the Journey have grown older, perhaps wiser, and mellower. They are now sporting short hairdos.

We finished our lunch and headed to the Street Art Festival.


Click here for the song After All These Years.


Photo Cache said...

While I enjoy and love mom and pops authentic Mexican fare, I find myself to occasionally partake of the 89-cent nachos from Taco bell. Do you know that getting two of those would yield more nachos than buying the regular 2 dollar something nachos?

Yeah, I had plenty of time to figure that one out.

Nyway, I love Arnel's voice too. I can't say I have heard that song before though. I really should get their new cd to support the kabayan.

Nance said...

Hmmm ... that looks yummy! I love their cheesy gordita crunch too.

Arnel indeed is gifted with such a strong voice ... too bad his mom is not alive to see his success but am sure she's looking down at him with the biggest smile!

Mari said...

photo cache,
Hmmm...2 - $0.89 nachos. I should try that next time. Psst...did you count the nachos? LOL Just kidding.

Yeah, buy their album at Wal-Mart or Sam's Club. A comment on YouTube said, "People get the legal ones to support our kababayan."

Mari said...

I haven't tried their gordita. I will next time I get the chance to go there.

Yup, he mentioned his mother in one of his interviews.

Vote for Revelation for album of the year. Go to Journey website, follow the link and vote.

CONNIE said...

I'm not a big fan of burritos...don't know why.

I always love JOURNEY, by the way! OPEN ARMS is such a fave of mine! I didn't know that one of them is Filipino! Thanks to you, Mari!

Mari said...

It must be the beans in the burito. LOL

Re: Journey and Arnel Pineda...click here for the story.

Nance said...

hey dudette,
i know you are always checking my blog but go visit it again anyway, I've a surprise for you! lol

JeannieTheDreamer said...

ang galing no? I actually saw them perform in Ohio, did you see my video? I posted it not too long ago...

Mari said...

All right.

I know you went to one of their concerts. Inggit ako. LOL

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Kaya nga, tahimik ka sandali, vacation pala kayo.

Wow Burrito, gusto ko rin ito....this is like Doener-turkey bread,
a little bit the same....

ako rin, maubos ko rin ang small size nila, malaki pa sa Big Mac....2x....

nagugutom na tuloy ako, ki Nance din, ang sarap sa mga muffins niya.

happy weekend na lang....

ay h0liday dito ngayon, Day of German Unity.....

tutubi said...

i also love burritos but not the one from taco bell. the taste of red beans overpower the others

well, just my taste

Dennis Villegas said...

I liked the song, but I loved the burritos! Nakakagutom, will surely drop by to Taco Bell tomorrow :) hehehe

Mari said...

You're right, it could be your taste. Would you like to have some nachos with cheese then? LOL

The song is really good, and the burrito as well. How about some tacos to go with it...and soda? LOL

Thank you both for your visit.

Mari said...

Sorry, I missed replying to your comment.

Nakakagutom nga ano? LOL

Buti pa diyan sa inyo holiday. Dito hindi. Malapit na rin ang mga holiday, kaya medyo naghahanda na rin kami.

Have a good holiday.

Nona said...

sarap! Hay...namiss ko tuloy ang tacos,nachos and burritos haha...! I could make my own kaya lang walang mabiling taco shells, nacho chips dito.Kailangan ko pang magtravel ng 1 hour to buy at Wal-mart.
Galing ni Arnel,ang powerful ng voice niya. Kakapanindig balahibo...

Mari said...

Sarap nga ng burrito. Gawa ka na lang kaya ng burrito wrapper at taco shells. Mas masarap pa siguro.

I like to listen to Journey songs, esp. now that the lead singer is our own Arnel Pineda.