Sunday, February 08, 2009

And the award goes to ME...again!

This award was tossed to me by Ghee, the lovely. Thank you so much. Although my blog is crappy as can be, you and all my blog friends are very supportive. You all come and read my drivel; my nonsense which others can't stand. They read and leave in a huff. But...but...they leave their trail...their droppings. How do I know? Herlock Sholmes, my private eye, told me. Just kidding folks. Let's not be too serious. Let's laugh, sing, eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we d - i - e.

That said, let me show off the awardz shown here below:

award fr Carlots

award fr Carlots

award fr Carlots

Now the rules:

List 5 addictions and pass this tag to your friends.

  • Of course, I am addicted to blogging! Why would I be here in the first place? I would be napping, snacking or day dreaming, if I'm not. I have made friends from all over the world. Good people, different races, tall and short, men and women...and I like them all. Pautang nga sa inyo. (Can you loan me some money? It's a joke, please don't take it seriously.)
  • I am addicted to playing computer games. This is a good way to exercise my brain cells. Inactive brain cells will deteriorate in time and that will result in amnesia, fever, blurred vision, hearing impairment, chocolate cravings, lechon cravings, ice-cream cravings, arthritis and so forth. This is another one of those drivels, if you don't know, yet. But it's true I'm a game addict. If I'm out there, away from my computer, I have my cellphone to play has games in it. Hooray for cellphones. :)
  • This is not an addiction, it's more of a hobby. I like collecting bird houses and mini-houses. I find them cute. I have quite a collection and they come in different sizes, shapes, and color. doesn't sound right for this category. Eh, just a fill in.
  • Addiction number 4. Hmmm...I guess, I would have to say sleeping. But this one doesn't sound like an addiction. It should be called a hobby.
  • I don't seem to have any for number 5. I must be a good kid not to have a lot of addictions. Cigarette, tobacco, alcohol...not one of these. Nada, wala na, awanen and no more. The end.
Now, I'll toss this into cyberspace and whoever wants to catch it, do so at your own risk. LOL


Dennis Villegas said...

Congrats Mari, your truly deserve these awards. You are one of my favorite blogs ever!

Nance said...

You my friend is such a Kenkay! lol
...gotta luv yah! and your blog no matter what others think.
ok, now, i am dying to see your birdhouse/mini-house collections, so off you go and take pictures! (pls, pretty pls?) ;)

ghee said...

awanen... :D

thank you for posting this,Marie dear :)

in fairness,i dont find your blog one of your loyal friends,right?(yun nga lang,pag offline ako,totally nawawala..hehe)

and i do agree!be merry and live to the fullest!

i wish to see your collection of bird houses,i love birds kasi.true,playing computer games or anything using our fingers stimulate our brain.keep on playing!

have a nice week ahead,Marie and thanx again.

dodong flores said...

Hi, Mari. Congrats for the awards...

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Mari, I could not disagree with Ghee, your blog just so deserves the awards.
May you have a blessed Sunday. :)

ev said...

Congrats for the awards!You deserve them gurl!I guess we're a lot the same in the sleeping hobby!:D awww! but anyway, hey I wish you can share to us one day your birds' nest/
mini-house collection.:)

take care mahfren!

Mari said...

Thank you so much. I do appreciate your visits and your nice comments.

Mari said...

Thanks, my dear friend. You're always there for me. Okay, per your request, I'll take pictures of my latest acquisition of buildings and post them.

Mari said...

You're welcome. I should be the one to thank you for thinking of me.

Not crap? Good. Thanks...again. Don't worry about being offline. It happens to all of us.

Bird houses coming soon to your nearest blog.


Thanks, I appreciate your visit...and please come again.

Mari said...

Thanks for dropping by and for the comment. I truly appreciate it. Have a blessed day yourself.

We should have a sleeping party. LOL
Watch for the coming of the bird houses.

Thanks for the bloghop.

niar said...

hi Mary,
I am sorry for having a long time to open your blog again...
It is really wonderful awards, congratulation...keep up your fascinating blog..

Mari said...

It's okay if it takes a while for you to come. I can understand. I am glad you could visit. I know, you're a busy girl.

Thank you.

nona said...

Congrats Mari! And you're really funny...your post and your lines make me smile and laugh. You're a great blogger, and one of my favorite no matter what topic you're into.
Haha, computer games? Appear tayo!

Sidney said...

Congrats... well deserved !

What about drugs ? ;-)

Mari said...

Thanks. We must have the same sense of humor. We'll get along then. :-D

Yup, computer games, and luksong tinik. Hi hi hi


Prescribed drugs: Yes.
Illegal ones: NO!

Eel Wind said...

wow! congrats on your latest award from Ghee!

D-I-E? could be spelled in a better way *wink wink* ;)

ann said...

Hi mari! Sarap naman ng mga awards na yan. Ako rin addict sa tulog ngayon, sarap naman kasing magbabad sa kama dahil sa lamig.

Mari said...

eel wind,
Thanks for the drop and comment.

Nakalibre ka ngayon. Salamat naman. Oo, dito rin ngayon sobrang sobra ang lamig, sarap ngang matulog.

Joy said...

Wonderful awards. Rightly deserved, I'm sure. And I like your hobby of collecting bird-houses. That's different.

Thanks for visiting A Pinay In England. Come back soon!

Norwich Daily Photo
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Mari said...

I'll be posting my collection soon as I get my pictures together.

Thanks for the visit.