Friday, February 13, 2009's freezing

It rained last Sunday night, and, brrr, it was freezing. I was tired from walking that day and I slept like a log.

Next morning I woke up rather late, but refreshed. I went down to the kitchen and had breakfast; then back upstairs to make my rumpled bed. I walked in the bedroom and the curtains were already pulled to let the sun in. I looked out to see if there's more rain. There was none, but the top of the hill beyond was covered with snow. I gasped, "Whoooaaa!"

"Come, come," I said excitedly to my husband as I strutted to the room next to the bedroom where he was. "There's snow out there!" I was like a kid seeing snow for the first time. He came in big strides and with a glow in his face looked out beyond to the snow covered hilltop. "Oh, wow. Take pictures of it," he murmured.

Click image to enlarge.

Late last year there was fire right on that hill and beyond. It was a scary sight. All through that night, I kept getting up to see if the fire would come down from the hill. It did not. The firefighters were keeping watch and were ready to douse it, if it got out of control.

This was not the first time we had snow here in our town. Sometime back in the late 80's we had a flurry of the white stuff right here in our town. My backyard, front yard and all over our neighborhood was covered with snow. It didn't last long, though. By noon time it had melted. The neighborhood kids had fun. School was closed due to snow. Rarely does this happen and it was the news of the day. I called the office to let them know I couldn't come to work. Vehicles here are not equipped with snow tires and it's dangerous driving in slick roads.

This time, however, we didn't have a lot. Mother Nature gave us a sprinkling of it on the hill, but it was a sight to behold.

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The shot above was taken a little before noon time. Some of the snow had melted by then, but it was still a beautiful scene.



Nance said...

You sure have a beautiful view, dudette! Those hills are picture perfect. If you want to, you can probably sit by your window and paint that scenery.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

What a beautiful sight. I am happy that you got snow there, too. We should share in everything to be fair... LOL :)

ghee said...

oh yeah!!what a scene!!

i also luv watching those mountains with snow on top whenever we go to my parents in law.3 hours of driving gave us opportunity to view this kind of scenes.

i still remember the last year`s tragedy...and its good that you have a nicer and a blessed sight this year.

happy valentine`s day,Mari!!
sending you a hug!

Nona said...

I agree, a scene to behold. More beautiful than the scary bush fire. Ang ganda ng view from your window Mari, para kang may live post card.

I remember my first experienced with snow, ako lang ang nasa gitna ng park hahaha...trying to savor the rare moment since wala niyan sa PH.
Btw, Happy hearts day Mari!!

ann said...

Wow! Ganda ng view. February na may snow pa pala kayo. Kami dito naliligo naman sa buhangin sa kakasandstorm.

Mari said...

Yes, this time the view is perfect, but last year it was a scary sight. I've been thinking of painting that scene for quite sometime now. I'll wait till it gets warmer...or take a picture. Maybe.

Mari said...

Yes, we have some snow, but not as much as yours. LOL

Mari said...

Aren't they pretty when they're covered with snow? Parang ice-cream.

Happy Valentine's Day to you as well. Muah!

Mari said...

Katuwa ka. Siyempre unang kita ng snow magpakasawa ka. LOL

The first time I've seen snow was on top of a mountain. We drove about 2 hours to Palm Springs, then took a gondola to the top where there was still snow. Pero sa ibaba ang init.

Happy Valentine's too.

Mari said...

Sobra ang lamig ngayon dito. At ang sabi nila global warming daw. LOL

Mahirap siguro ang sandstorm diyan. Dito rin meron niyan sa mga desert...pero di ko pa naranasan.

Sidney said...

Wow...what a wonderful view you got from the windows of your house.

Dennis Villegas said...

beautiful view, the snowcapped mountain is a refreshing sight! i want to see those personally!

dodong flores said...

Beautiful sceneries indeed! And you captured those well...

I see your having a freezing Valentines out there...

Belated Happy Valentines Day... :)

Mari said...

This time of year, it's a picture perfect view.

Mari said...

There is a lot of this in snow states, like Washington. That's the best place to see them.

Mari said...

We are freezing here right now. I wish winter is

Joy said...

You live in California and tyou still get snow. How fortunate! The mountains look beautiful covered in white.

Thanks for visiting A Pinay In England. Come back soon!

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Mari said...

Yeah, we get snow once in a while, esp. now that we have global cooling. We are really freezing here in Southern California.

Eel Wind said...

wow! if only we, people from the tropics have the privilege to enjoy snow, for just one day! HOHO..

awh...I was expecting some fire too, as you said... *wink wink* LOL :)

caryn said...

love love snow ;-) it makes everything seem so clean and unspoiled...until people start stepping on it and it turns into slush. wahahah! hope you had a nice valentines mari ;-)

niar said...

dear Mary,
I always wonder bout the beauty of every pict you catch. Perhaps I your reactions when see the snow in the sky is like my reaction when later I meet with the snow.
My country is a area when snow is never appear, but perhaps just in one area, in jayawijaya mountain, Indonesia high mountain in Papua. Indonesai is a tropical country, so it just occur a rainy and dry seasons...hope I can meet the situation in your country one day..
ps. Im sorry it's very long time I am not visit your blog. It's really a strict time for me in Jakarta...
keep in touch