Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Walk don't run...

To the other side.

Click here to view

The amateur show.



ann said...

I'm not a painter pero beginner pa yan ha...talented ka talaga.

ghee said...

yosemite falls...i will remember the name :)

Eel Wind said...

your beginner's painting is already amazing!

yellowing? I didn't notice anything..:)

ghee said...

Hi Mari :)

hows your day so far?
have a nice one...


Dennis Villegas said...

very beautiful..your painting is masterful.. i must say painting is my unfulfilled dream.

ghee said...

Hi Mari!!natawa ako dun sa comment mo,haha!taking pics in the bath room undressed??whoahhhh!!haha!

ghee&ally said...

and oh,Im inviting you to take a peek here... :D

nine said...

missy, you're gifted!!! great blessing you have. thanks for showing us your earlier paintings.

hey frend, just using this chance to remind our kababayans in Phils to see Arnel Pineda and Journey in Philippines on March 14th. hope the place sells out, expectation is quite high. thanks


Mari said...

Magaleng ako sa tsambahan. LOL

Yosemite is a beautiful serene place.

Eel Wind,
Gee, thanks. Yellow is in the eye of the painter...err...beholder. LOL

You again? (Joke)

Thanks, I am so flattered.

Okay, I'm coming out and taking a peek at your other place.

Well, well, well...lookie who's here? None other than my good friend 9. Where's 10?

If it's Arnel and the Journey, that sure will be a sell out. Cellphones will be burning with the news about their show.

Thanks for the visit.

ev said...

keep on painting Mari. you've got the talent!:)

Mari said...

Thanks for the compliment, Ev.