Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Is that you Don Quail?

About a week ago I saw a strange looking bird meandering in my patio. It was my first time to see this kind of bird and I have wondered what it was. Then I suddenly remember to run upstairs to get my camera. I took aim and just then my battery ran out. Grrr...&@$#& I got back upstairs to get my spare battery and ran downstairs again. This time, however, the bird has wandered between the exterior wall of my house and a big pot of cactus plant. It was not a good shot. A few seconds later it took off in the backyard up the slope among the bushes.

Three days later, I heard a strange sound in the patio again. I walked to the sliding glass door to see what it was and there it is the strange looking bird. I startled it and it took off, but came back in a few minutes. I aimed carefully this time, hiding behind the wall so as not to scare it. I got a good shot of it.

It turned out that this is The California Valley Quail. It is the State Bird. More about the bird here.

The California Valley Quail
Click image to enlarge.

Here it is at the back door, looking inside. It's been lurking in the back most of the time. It is now a familiar sight in my backyard. My husband said it is our mascot. LOL

I don't have a clue as to its gender. I wonder if that thing on its head means its a male or a female. If it's a male, I'll call it Don, Don Quail. (Not to be confused with Dan Quayle. ) If it's a female I'll call it Donna. However, I prefer it to be a male.

Don has been looking inside the house for some 30 minutes or so. He could be watching me while I was watching TV. Or he could be looking at his image on the glass, thinking it's another quail. Or he could reading my blog. Yes, that's what he was doing. He's lurking, and when I'm not looking, he's reading my blog. LOL

Oh, well, I ramble and talk nonsense at times, if not all the time.


Pacey said...

Ha! the thing on his head is really weird and so unusual. Great that he's been back for days now.

Joy said...

He definitely wants to come inside and watch TV!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow for more of Fairhaven!

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Nance said...

I wonder if it's looking for a place to build a nest. there must be a reason why s/he keeps coming back.
...or maybe, s/he is in love with its reflection on the sliding glass door? ;) you finally got a nice shot of 'it' though!

Photo Cache said...

Oh how lucky you are to have Mr. Quail visit you. I saw these birds firsthand while shooting the Golden Gate bridge from Marin Headlands. They were very jerky and wouldn't stay put long enough to be photographed properly. Lucky you for getting these beautiful shost.

Sidney said...

Hahahaha.... maybe he is in love with you !

Mari said...

Yeah, weird.

No, I can't let him in. He's not potty trained yet. LOL

Could be. Who knows?

Photo Cache,
Yeah, I was lucky. I took about 20 shot, and picked the best ones.

You crack me up.

Thanks all for your visit.

Ebie said...

Mari, love the title of the post. Maybe Don wants to watch TV with you.

Mari said...

Well, he can sit by my side. LOL

Thanks for the visit.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

mabait at magandang heart kasi ang may ari ng place,
kasi balik-balik cya.........

kagaya ko..........

have a blissful weekends..........


ghee said...

haha!it really happens eh?its so annoying when you ran out of batteries or md during your full of effort shooting!

in fairness,you`re so great to take its pic.i love birdies,and they love people with a good heart,I believe thats why it kept on visiting your patio. :)

happy weekend,Mari!!

Sandy said...

We have quail here but I've never had them come up to the windows, ha!! that is so funny....

Hi! I'm Grace said...

What is that thing on Don's head? I think Don have something that want to tell you and he wait that you come out of the house... he-he-he
Have a blessed Sunday, Mari.